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  1. RedDragon

    Carscanner ? - average mi / Kwh

    All - I'm new to carscanner but installed the app when my OBD2 reader came in today. I noticed that you can get the instantaneous mi/KWh on the app. I also see that category can also display the min , max, and average for your whole drive session. My question - is there a way to have another...
  2. RedDragon

    Concerned what I found when installing hitch

    All - installed the draw-tite hitch on my vehicle today. While under the car I noticed two things that are concerning me - please let me know if the concern is warranted or not. By way of background I have a 22 premium extended range. It was picked up from dealer in mid October 22. As if...
  3. RedDragon

    Seasucker Ski Rack for Sale - Northern NJ

    All, I have a seasucker ski rack for sale if anyone would like it. I purchased it last year and used it 3 times during ski season. The rack works great and is easy to use, but I am putting a hitch on my car as my kids are bigger now and their bikes no longer will fit in the car without folding...
  4. RedDragon

    New Jersey Sold: Seasucker Ski Rack for Sale

    All, I have a seasucker ski rack for sale if anyone would like it. I purchased it last year and used it 3 times during ski season. The rack works great and is easy to use, but I am putting a hitch on my car as my kids are bigger now and their bikes no longer will fit in the car without...
  5. RedDragon

    AOSK Front Lip Spoiler and snow

    All - I'm thinking of getting one of the aosk Front Lip Spoilers for my car. Can anyone who lives in a snowy area share their experience if they have one? I'm concerned about the reduction in ground clearance with a front spoilers attached. Should I be? Im in NJ and a road driver. However...
  6. RedDragon

    Ford Options Residual %s

    All - I found the chart below for the residual value %s when using Ford Options on another thread. I have an order date for my '22 of 12/6/21 (price protection / incentive / financing lock date) and my mach e will probably be here end of of upcoming week (delivery ETA is 10/6 now) or in the...
  7. RedDragon

    Dealer IOUs for Price Protection

    All, My dealer is honoring price protection but their chosen method is to reimburse me once Ford has reimbursed them. It seems like they are within their rights to do this (if I'm wrong on this please let me know). For those who have completed their Mach E deals with a dealer who honored...
  8. RedDragon

    Premium Regional Discount - Where does it Show up

    All - I have an 12/6/21 order for a Premium ER AWD (pre-price increase). The order is placed with a dealer in NJ. When I got my window sticker it showed a "Premium Regional Discount" of 2k. Clearly Ford is offering another incentive for people in this area! My car is finally going to be...
  9. RedDragon

    9/19 week Build Group

    Finally get to start this for my '22!! Rapid Red AWD Ext Battery Premium ordered on 12/6/21 - finally got a build week!
  10. RedDragon

    Does Changing Trim Levels affect price protection?

    I have an order for a '22 AWD Premium Ext Battery. The order was made and accepted by dealer on 12/6/21 - pre the first price increase. I have confirmed with my dealer that my order is price protected at the 12/6 price. if i were to change my order to a GT, does anyone know if I would get...
  11. RedDragon

    In Snow - RWD with Snow tires or AWD w stock all seasons?

    All, I just wanted to survey the crowd here. I was debating someone on this topic yesterday. In the snow would RWD with snow/winter tires be just as good, better, or worse as AWD w the MME stock all season tires? (im not trying to compare w AWD with snow tires, as that would clearly be the...
  12. RedDragon

    Can you see charge windows in FordPass app?

    I am running Fordpass on Android 12 with a pixel 6 pro. When I go to any of my saved charging locations, I cannot see the preferred charge times that I have set for the location in the Fordpass app. I have never been able to see them. It doesn't matter if I set the preferred charge times for...
  13. RedDragon

    Once you precondition battery - how long does it stay preconditioned?

    Ok so i know this is a bit of a strange question but here is my situation. -At home currently have 120 v only - in process of upgrading -I have a L2 charger within walking distance of my house that is free -My understanding (please correct if im wrong) is that preconditioning the BATTERY (not...
  14. RedDragon

    Tips for driving in the mountains ?

    All, Mostly urban/suburban driver here so was curious if those who go to the great outdoors have tips to share. I have some ski trips planned this winter. Does the forum have any tips on driving the MME in mountainous areas? My main concern is maximizing range. I am wondering the best ways to...
  15. RedDragon

    Correct J-1772 Extension cord

    All - I want to buy a J-1772 extension cord. By extension cord i mean one that plugs into the output end of an EVSE and then plugs into the MME charging port. I would like to just have one cord i can use in all use cases, so i dont have to think about it. I believe (please correct me if im...
  16. RedDragon

    120v--> 240v device question

    All, I am not an electrical engineer by any means, so would appreciate any and all comments. I found this device on amazon (link below) that says if you plug it in to two standard outlets on DIFFERENT CIRCUITS, it can produce a 240v outlet. I happen to have two outlets, right next to each...
  17. RedDragon

    Any recs on a dealer who takes X Plan on the Mach E?

    I love it so much im thinking of getting another. Anyone have any recommendations on a dealer in NY/PA/CT/or NJ that takes X-plan pricing on the mach e for online orders? First preference would be in NJ, but can travel to other areas. Thanks!!
  18. RedDragon

    Great Dealers in Tri-State Area who ACTUALLY are good at servicing our electric ponys??!!

    All - I am in Bergen County in NJ and wanted to start a thread so we could all share where people have had good servicing experience with their mach es. The vehcile service experience seems very hit or miss based on reading this website, likely due to the Mach E being so new. Everyone please...
  19. RedDragon

    Android Auto Full Screen

    Does anyone know how to get Android auto to go full screen? When you hit the maximize button the screen shrinks the cards at the bottom but doesn't expand Android auto to fill the space. Apple carplay fills the space. If there is no way to do this can Ford make this happen (assuming u guys are...