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  1. su-ch+mache

    Ford Explorer EV revealed (Europe only)

    well, the MME is build in Mexico but is available in EU Where is your problem with shipping it to the States?
  2. su-ch+mache

    Ford Explorer EV revealed (Europe only)

    This new EU Explorer has really nothing in comon with the other EU SUVs. Based on the VW MEB platform it is somewhat smaller than the MME (30cm or 1 foot) but larger than the Focus. For EU the right vehicle size, however the price will not make it available to the general public. rumors state...
  3. su-ch+mache

    Europe get's new EV

    more on youtube
  4. su-ch+mache

    Are these options available to change (via FORScan)?

    for deactivating the seat belt alert you don't even need to do any programming. Within 60 seconds you need to buckle in and out between 9 and 12 times 1.) ignition on 2.) take your feet off any pedal 3.) all control lights need to be off 4.) now buckle up, 9 to 12 times within 60 seconds 5.)...
  5. su-ch+mache

    Hitch install uhaul

    I have that Brink on my MME as well. really works very good, you don't even notice the trailer or bike carrier. I had my dealer install it before I picked up my pony, costs were about 900 Euro. In EU the electric is plug and play (drive). So installation take here just about 2 hours.
  6. su-ch+mache

    Hitch install uhaul

    I would always rely on an OEM approved hitch
  7. su-ch+mache

    StruckNDesign Grill Decal installed

    ordered my warp material today, expect it to arrive in 2 weeks. now looking for a front and rear overlay in or close to rapid red If you come across an overlay please send me the link i did some photoshop to see how it will look like
  8. su-ch+mache

    mach-e rear wiper

    Just look for Bosch A400H or A401H, in the end both are same wipers
  9. su-ch+mache

    FordPass Not Responding today

    nop, still have them where they are suppsed to be
  10. su-ch+mache

    SOLVED - How to Add the Two Front Cargo Ring Anchor Points in the Trunk.

    just stick to the offers made above by @21st Century Pony and myself
  11. su-ch+mache

    Windshield Wiper Upgrades

    if you wonder why one mentions A400H and the other user A401H then have a look at thee pic below. When you take off the cap on the 400 then you get the 401. That's all they are the same wipers
  12. su-ch+mache

    Windshield Wiper Upgrades

    Hi guys, I just did a comparion for a MME forum in Germany regarding the rear wipers all wipers do fit on the rear, the only blade exceeding the glas is the Bosch A450H, all others are perfect As for the frront wipers we have tested Bosch A225S (length 650/550), on this one the passerger side...
  13. su-ch+mache

    SOLVED - How to Add the Two Front Cargo Ring Anchor Points in the Trunk.

    very good describtion great work if you are interested let me know and I send you the cargo rings or forward your order to @21st Century Pony and he will forward a bulk order to me
  14. su-ch+mache

    UK Customers

    does anyone have an idea what our MME keys would cost?
  15. su-ch+mache

    Covering Mach-e

    tres bien, mais ne pas nécessaire => un beau rouge est parfait ;)😇
  16. su-ch+mache

    Seat won’t move back when turning car off

    ... and if that doesn't help unplug the battery for 10 minutes
  17. su-ch+mache

    12 Volt Battery - External charging - Maintainer

    yea, Ihave seen that, in the German manual you'll find it on page 289. That wasn't the problem as I found the covers to be difficult to pull off and I didn't want to damage them. For the next time I know and hope they now come off easier the second or third time.
  18. su-ch+mache

    12 Volt Battery - External charging - Maintainer

    just followed your advice and yes you are fully right one should not connect to the neg. battery pole but to the chassis ground stud. also added some cloth tape where the cable might touch the plastic covers. Kindly let me know how you call that tape correctly.
  19. su-ch+mache

    12 Volt Battery - External charging - Maintainer

    thanks, yes I have seen that threat. I am thinking of doing that in addition to what I have now. For that option I ordered these closures yesterday. I'm happy with what I have now though, access to the -/+ pole isn't bad as described. But you can only get to it with small clips that go through...
  20. su-ch+mache

    12 Volt Battery - External charging - Maintainer

    @hawkeye3point1 thanks for your advice to install the neg to the chassis ground stud. I somehow can't take the cover out it is quite well fixed. Any advice on how to take it out without damaging it?