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  1. axelheimer24

    What the Frunk? Share how you use your frunk

    After a little over two months of owning my MME I still have never used the frunk, nor have I pressed the coveted frunk release button that seems to be the source of so much frustration for job 1 owners. What am I missing? Pulling my phone out to open the frunk does not seem convenient, nor does...
  2. axelheimer24

    Marital Problems

    Does anyone else fight with their spouse over who gets to drive the MME?!? We bought my wife a Subaru Accent over the summer, a car she had wanted for a while. She then proceeded to make fun of me for my MME obsession while I waited for a December delivery. NOW she drives the MME anytime she can...
  3. axelheimer24

    Letting battery cool before charging?

    Reading through the owners manual I was a bit surprised to see that Ford suggests setting your preferred charge time 2-3 hours after your typical plug in time to give the battery time to cool. I hadn’t seen this discussed on this forum and couldn’t find an existing thread on the topic. Are most...
  4. axelheimer24

    Some Ford Dealers actually Provide GREAT service

    For some context, I ordered a 2023 Premium eAWD SR on 8/30 with the hopes of taking delivery by 12/31 (tax credit, income limit, etc.). Shipping was tracking well for a Christmas Eve delivery and my confidence was high when I heard my car had arrived at the Buffalo rail yard, ~10 miles from my...