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  1. Lola2004

    His and His Mach E,

    2021 premium extended range awd and now 2023 premium extended range awf in oh so subtle sunburst! First from our dealership and area to be total MME home. Love them both
  2. Lola2004

    Tire socks or studless winter tires?

    May I ask, which do you use? We are in Salem area but up on a hill. We are about to be a 2 mach e household, both awd. We will look at both. Wondered what others are doing for snow and ice driving?
  3. Lola2004

    Salem area fellow owners

    If the star white MME just on Commercial and Kuebler is on the forum fun to see 2 on the road! I am the rapid red in front of you at the lights! Have fun
  4. Lola2004

    Skyline Ford salem

    Hi guys, I hear there are 5 of us likely to receive New Years deliveries. My build week was 11/1 so am guessing it will be in the recall. So far great service from Skyline ! Are my other 4 locals on here?
  5. Lola2004

    At home charging

    I am sure a more technical person has answered this, but still finding my way around, I have a dedicated circuit, 50amp and the dryer style wall socket already set in a new build home, are the chargers Ford is suggesting able to just plug into this or are they hard wired? Any thoughts will be...
  6. Lola2004

    If I gave a build date for week of 12/13, a FE , i am assuming at least 8 weeks to possible delivery to Oregon

    Hi Guys, any thoughts, if I have build date week of 12/13 for my FE, am I in the ball park of say 8 weeks to possible delivery, I am in Oregon, guessing a lot of people wondering the same
  7. Lola2004

    Order conversion

    I just got my email and contact from dealer for my first edition, huge excitement! 5 MINUTES later, got furloughed due covid19 and working in travel industry. Has anyone had to find out how badlybthis affects order conversion? Not sure my dealer contact understood what I was saying!