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  1. tomterky

    New Mach-E LFP Battery Specs Revealed

    Funny you mention departure times, every since the most recent update my car instead of saying "charging" when it starts at 9pm, it says "preconditioning"....and my departure times also started to screw up with my charger and flipped it on and off. I unplugged and turned off pre-departure and it...
  2. tomterky

    New Mach-E LFP Battery Specs Revealed

    So, basically what this is saying is that these new batteries are useless in Minnesota as the temps this winter have been as low as -28f air temp with -50f real feal. Very interesting.
  3. tomterky

    In this thread, we tell Ford how to make the Home Screen perfect

    Please put the box that appears when turning the volume knob back towards the top of the screen and not way down at the bottom. When it's close to the top I can see it in my peripheral vision or I am still able to see the road when I turn it. Having to look way down to the bottom and take your...
  4. tomterky

    PLEASE PLEASE bring back option of full vs 3/4 screen in New an UI. individually

    Please put the volume and even the new knob controls back towards the top of the screen. Having to look down to see the amount takes your eyes off the road. Having it up towards the top at least allows me to somewhat keep my eyes more on the road in my peripheral vision.
  5. tomterky

    Diagnose clicking sound when plugging in and starting.

    I got mine in Feb of 2021 and has 23,000 miles on it. Mine also just started making this sound. Same exact thing and I was coming on here to check if anyone else had it occurring. Turns out I was right. @Ford Motor Company could you please help us diagnose what is going on?
  6. tomterky

    Dear Ford, get your act together…

    Still doesn't turn on. I have it set for 2:25pm and warm and nothing. Everything activated. Oh well. Will bundle up in my warm coat and gloves. Pony On :)
  7. tomterky

    Dear Ford, get your act together…

    Anyone else notice that the departure times only now work when plugged into the charger? My MME will no longer start at the times set to depart when not plugged in. So now, with winter coming in MN, my car is freezing.
  8. tomterky

    Has Hands-Free driving mode gone away

    I had the same thing occur on Sunday and part of Monday morning. Then Monday afternoon, everything worked again and has been since. My wife said my car was taking a day off on Sunday. 🤷‍♂️
  9. tomterky

    New OTA software update includes Improved DC Fast Charging

    It's funny, as soon as I posted this, I walk out to my car later that day and it was updated. It's like Ford is watching... lol
  10. tomterky

    New OTA software update includes Improved DC Fast Charging

    Ugh, why does my MME never get these listed updates. Did they forget about Job 1 cars? Mine was built Jan 9, 2021. So annoying.
  11. tomterky

    Dealer wanted to charge me $1400 for updates!

    Why does Ford advertise this product as having OTA's if they don't use them? I know mine, built Jan 9, 2021 hasn't been getting all of the OTA's...even now my walk up unlock feature doesn't work. I know there's something out there for that thank you to this forum. I'm getting all of this...
  12. tomterky

    Ford logo on windshield...2021 and 2022?

    It was on my original windshield and on the replacement windshield. This is the only main recognizable Ford brand image that appears. Unless you are looking very closely at the headlights, tail lights, or other very inconspicuous spaces Ford tried to make it an all Mustang branded vehicle.
  13. tomterky

    Is my sunglasses holder misaligned?

    Would you be able to take a picture of the left side of the inside. This would be where the click part is...mine just stopped working and need a comparison. I think something may have snapped.
  14. tomterky

    Did you test drive before purchasing?

    Nope. Mine was one of the first to be delivered to the dealership. Signed the papers and walked out. Not a single regret!!
  15. tomterky

    So many negative posts

    Early adopter here and almost have had mine for a year, Feb 9th is the day....12,800 miles and love it!! At first I had major issues, check: Every new piece of electronics has its...
  16. tomterky

    Why aren't Ford dealers required to have fast chargers?

    Good Luck getting back to Minnesota without having to stop at least 3 times. Hope for warm temperatures. With a GT, you're supposed to get 270...however, with the cold, I bet you get maybe 150. Is this your first EV? You'll want to drop the hammer a couple times which sucks even more juice up...
  17. tomterky

    Almost $1000 to renew my MME tags!

    $718 for new tabs on my MME...$75.00 EV tax included.
  18. tomterky

    Did Ford install the wrong battery?

    Or only put on 3....where's the 4th ? .... and the dealer forgot my spare tire! ??
  19. tomterky

    PaaK Maintenance / Outage Planned 11/28

    I know not to trust PAAK, never have and never will. Give me a 2nd key fob and I'll go away. And I'm not whining...I'm being realistic. Admit your product is faulty and provide a reliable alternative.
  20. tomterky

    PaaK Maintenance / Outage Planned 11/28

    You're seriously doing this over a holiday weekend when people are away from their home and rely on their vehicle???? You're joking right? Have you really thought about how ridiculous this sounds? What if there is an issue on your end and delays occur or something doesn't come back up properly?