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  1. Maquis

    New EA pricing

  2. Maquis

    What day is it?

    Is there a way to tell what day of the week the car thinks it is? Reason for asking: A couple weeks ago, I needed to leave to catch a flight at 3:30AM on Wednesday. I set a departure time in FordPass, only to discover that preconditioning did not happen. I opened the charging app in the car and...
  3. Maquis

    Florida panhandle trip

    Looking for some local advice. I have a trip coming up that will take me across the panhandle. It looks the EA station in Tallahassee is out of service and I can’t find any estimate for when it will be back. PlugShare shows a couple other DCFCs in Tallahassee, but they are lower-power and not...
  4. Maquis

    Another EV advantage

    I pulled into Wally’s in Fenton, Mo. for a charge. Had some time to kill so I went inside. They had a Knob Creek barrel pick, so I had to give it a try. It’s really good. If was buying gas, I would have paid at the pump, not gone inside, and missed it.
  5. Maquis

    All hail the frunk 😀 "Electric Cars’ Most Divisive Feature"

    A whimsical, fun read… The frunk The Front Trunk Is Electric Cars’ Most Divisive Feature The “frunk” that comes standard with most electric vehicles is proving the best kind of marketing engine: one that runs on its own. Link:
  6. Maquis

    The sought-after “default” charge level! Fake news…

    Edit: Thanks to @ZuleMME for setting me straight. My home location got renamed to “Default”. Sorry for getting your hopes up! I had my car in for replacement of the eye nanny camera module. They also applied updates which wiped out my charging location. When I went to check, I see this screen...
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    Buy a used Select SR for the price of a new Premium ER ! 😄

  8. Maquis

    First Lightning has been delivered

    In case you’re interested…..🙌-first-f150-lightning-delivery-to-retail-customer-me.10488/
  9. Maquis

    Technology….or coincidence?

    So today I was at my dealer, finalizing the schedule for my glass recall. Discussed the process at length with my service manager. All good and the car goes in next week. Fast forward to this evening. I get an email from Amazon recommending “thinks you might like.” Among the items: 3M...
  10. Maquis

    Francis Energy price increase

    For those in Oklahoma, or traveling through, Frances Energy has announced a price increase from $0.32 to $0.39 per minute for their DCFCs. I got their email today.
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    If you like PAAK, you’ll love PAAGDO (Phone As A Garage Door Opener)

    Phone as a garage door opener (PAAGDO). Opens and closes the door automatically on arrival and departure.
  12. Maquis

    Six F150 Lightnings at an EA DCFC Only 4 showing, but I'm told there were really six there!
  13. Maquis

    Mach-E police car shown at a UK Emergency Services Show
  14. Maquis

    Understanding air conditioner compressor operation

    Here's the setup: On a drive yesterday, outside temp is 73F with light drizzle. It would be a perfect day to be outside other than the light rainfall. I set out with climate control on, AC off, and temp set to "Low". I expected this to simply run the fan and pull in outside air. Within minutes...
  15. Maquis

    Train carrying cars derails in central Missouri

    I hope none of you folks out east had an MME on this train! I pretty sure this line originates in Kansas City.
  16. Maquis

    Another cracked roof

    I just got back from a round trip from Texas. While there I saw temperatures displayed as high as 113F on the MME display - that's probably higher than actual, but it was hot. The car spent a lot of time parked in the sun. At home, it's always garaged. Out of the blue, I come out to the car and...
  17. Maquis

    FordPass service not found in the app

    So I finally got around to setting my FordPass charging network - I'm going to take a road trip next week. The setup on went fine - it shows activated and a balance of 500KWH. But when I go to the FordPass app and access "FordPass Charging Network" so that I can enable Plug & Charge...
  18. Maquis

    Might as well expand my EV universe

    Just arrived today. Rated to mow 4 acres on a charge:
  19. Maquis

    My first (admittedly short) road trip

    Had a flight out of STL last Thursday. 121 miles one way. The weather was nice (no heat or AC required) and there was a tailwind on the way down. I charged to 100% before the trip - I normally go to 90% - just to make sure I could get back home without charging. When I arrived at the airport, I...
  20. Maquis

    New thread for prdude's 120V issue

    I started this so your issue doesn't get lost in the 240V thread. Perfectly normal. I am making the following assumption: "Junction box" is the box the receptacle is mounted in. What was your meter set to measure when you saw the overload? It almost sounds like the box has no connection to...