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  1. SashaLondon

    UK Customers

    Mine went off even though I turned off the tilt function.
  2. SashaLondon

    Ford patents "Burnout Mode" for EVs

    According to a patent application found by CarBuzz, Ford is attempting to make a “Burnout Mode” for its EVs, detailing an “electric vehicle performance mode with intentional wheelspin for tire heating.” The application continued to say that the mode will “provide a visual display of power.”...
  3. SashaLondon

    UK Customers

    Thankfully a company was able to repair the Tyre. It was a big home in the Center of the tyre face.
  4. SashaLondon

    2025 Corvette Electric SUV Announced

    It’s like a hideous MME.
  5. SashaLondon

    UK Customers

    Thanks everyone!
  6. SashaLondon

    UK Customers

    I have a fully flat tyre on the 19-inch front offside (SR AWD). The car is at home and I cannot look this up. Does anyone know what tyre the car comes with? Is it continental or Michelin? I want to book someone to come and change it.
  7. SashaLondon

    I’m just going to say it. The 4.1.2 interface is ugly!

    It looks like the initial design was done by a design team that spent a lot of time on it. The issue is that they either didn't use that design team or have just gone very generic with the design language as they spread the UI over many different cars and uses. Either way, it is going downhill...
  8. SashaLondon

    FORD HAS NO FIX - No heat in -15c and colder temps

    Wow bad times. I wonder if an usb heater would supplement the car heating when it’s really bad?
  9. SashaLondon

    Heated Steering Wheel - Too Hot or Just Mine?

    Actually, I would prefer mine to stay really hot all the time its on or have different heat levels.
  10. SashaLondon

    UK Customers

    Who will get first post of page 1000?
  11. SashaLondon

    Anybody tried Emergency Flat-tow w Regen to charge when stuck in the boonies?

    Safer to buy an ev extension cable and granny charge it at any available plug.
  12. SashaLondon

    UK Customers

    I have been to the dealer too many times for this car. I’m going to leave it for the moment. Don’t they think people have jobs.
  13. SashaLondon

    Tesla Slashes Prices

    The price has gone down in the UK also. I would definitely get a Model Y if I was purchasing one today. The base prices are £51k for an MME and £45 for an MY.
  14. SashaLondon

    Which Power-Up versions have you received (EU)?

    What is new with that one?
  15. SashaLondon

    UK Customers

    Updates are really slow and so much is focused for America in them anyway. I have lost the OTA excitement.
  16. SashaLondon

    U.K. getting BlueCruise in Summer 2023

    Cool but I do not have any of the Blue Cruise-enabled hardware. It would be good to get any updates though.
  17. SashaLondon

    Mach-E / Lightning cold weather driving tips direct from Darren Palmer

    I’m unexcited about future updates. Outside America we don’t get the all the interesting stuff and it takes along time to get to us.
  18. SashaLondon

    UK Customers

    Merry Christmas. Kids up at 6am, it’s going to be a long fun day.
  19. SashaLondon

    Would you still buy the Mach E today?

    Not sure, as now have a great choice between the Hyundai and the model y.
  20. SashaLondon

    Happy accident at Ford service! I got the new updated SYNC 4A installed!! Non Early-Access

    Just last month I had a slow puncture. I used the tyre pressure tile to monitor when to fill until I could get it fixed. It is useful.