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  1. NoMoShocks

    How many started with Toyota Prius followed by Nissan Leaf followed by Chevy Bolt followed by Mustang Mach E?

    This is the story of the electrification journey of a young man who started his driving life in high school as a Pontiac man back in the 70s. Saw my first Gen 2 Prius at a Toyota dealer end of 2006. It was white, I thought it was ugly, and the salesman couldn't get it to start. After some...
  2. NoMoShocks

    CarProsUSA reviews the Mach E

    Article @ Video:
  3. NoMoShocks

    The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    After watching my Build Week 1/24/2021 for over a month, got my window sticker 1/20/1021, a date that will go down in history. After seeming about five in a row posts in the Track Your Mach E Order by VIN # thread, I thought why not have a page where...
  4. NoMoShocks

    Under The Mach-E Hood / Frunk: motor components, electrical control hardware, and DIY maintenance point

    After seeing this video, not liking the spaghetti of rubber hoses and learning there is a rather conventional radiator. My Chevy Bold does not employ so many hoses going every which way. Imagine the cost when it is time to replace all the hoses and the conventional radiator may need servicing...
  5. NoMoShocks

    Do we know what monthly fee if any is required to maintain connectivity to the cloud which apparently is essential to receive software?

    Just wondering what fees will be to be connected to the network which appears to be more or less mandatory?
  6. NoMoShocks

    hood alignment

    It seems in many of the photos the hood and fender don't line up over the headlight. I hope they can adjust this.
  7. NoMoShocks

    What is the likelihood being able to see and sit inside a Mach E before our own shows up?

    I bought one of the first 2010 Gen 3 Toyota Prius sight unseen. It arrived at the dealership and I had the right to back out if I didn't like it. Guess it's the same this time as I don't see any news of places to go meet the Mach E in the wild ahead of time.