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  1. ODBMongoose

    Grabber Blue Walkaround and Interior Video

    Just found this excellent walkaround video, probably also taken at the Rotterdam event
  2. ODBMongoose

    Interior colour in Europe

    Just wondering. When I ordered my mach-e in Feb of this year, I only had one colour option for the interior, which is black. Now I'd rather have grey or white like some pictures from the US. Does anyone know if it will be possible to order white or grey interiors as well?
  3. ODBMongoose

    Carbonized Gray and Rapid Red 2021 Mach-E Spotted in Las Vegas

    Two Mach-E's driving in Vegas. Unfortunately poor video quality
  4. ODBMongoose

    How Ford Engineers Are Developing The Mustang Mach E Without Going To The Office

    Item about Mach-E production progress at 1:06
  5. ODBMongoose

    Marketing company shows how it used Unreal Engine for MACH-E visualizer and presentation

    Nice vid about how they use Unreal Engine for promotion of the Mach-E
  6. ODBMongoose

    Charging Network in Europe

    I was wondering,.. I had a discussion with a Tesla 3 owner the other day about travelling through europe without fears of running out of juice. He told me he was quite happy to drive from the upper north of the Netherlands all the way to Southern France. The peace of mind came from the Tesla...
  7. ODBMongoose

    Video: Extensive walkaround red Mach-E Germany.

    Quite a lenghty walkaround but offers nice insights. One of the people says its a demo auto, not final production one. Still, they fiddle around with the screen and it seems to be working quite well. Nice detail at 14:25 where a paper in Dutch (not German) says: handbuilt model, so it might...
  8. ODBMongoose

    Video: Mach-E Pedestrian Warning Sound & a Close Look Inside Out

    A recent video from Germany. Please note at the end of the video you see them driving the Mach-E in the showroom. Odd sound...
  9. ODBMongoose

    Black Mach-E spotted in Canada

    Saw this short clip of a Black Mach-e in Canada