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  1. eager2own

    GT Mass email - confirms starting order and delivery dates

    I just got my first email from Ford on the GT status. Nothing really new, but it does confirm deliveries expected to start in late summer 2021. I went to my reservation page, and I see it now shows that Orders begin in December. We'd already heard that but I'm not sure we'd seen that officially...
  2. eager2own

    Story of the original E -- the 1969 Mustang E

    An interesting history of the original, fuel efficient, Mustang E: I'm just glad ours won't take over 13 seconds to get to 60 mph.
  3. eager2own

    What if: Mach-E as a Coupe

    Given that we're so desperate for things to talk about that we're even posting about restaurant closings due to COVID-19, I figured I'd throw this out there. Here is a rendering by InsideEVs of what a Mach-E might look like as a "true" Mustang coupe. Mach-E Coupe I personally like the idea...
  4. eager2own

    A, Z, X plan discount pricing for Mach-E

    Here’s info on what the AZX plans will likely look like for the Mach-E: via CarsDirect: Ford Plan Pricing refers to haggle-free savings reserved for Ford employees & retirees, affiliated organizations, and friends & family. Unlike other Ford vehicles, the Mach-E's unique pricing structure...
  5. eager2own

    Unannounced GT Color Wishlist

    So, in addition to the Grabber Blue color, what is the second unannounced color that you’d like to see offered for the GT? Although I don’t think they’d anger the purists by offering it, I personally would love to see a Bullitt Highland Green option. I also wouldn’t mind a Race Red or the...