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  1. Wildthing

    Sloooow DCFC charging (<45 kW) with a standard range AWD

    I want to share another forum member (@Pacecar) that tested level 3 charging for the first time today. It was painfuly slow and very disapointing. This is not my first EV, I know that cold charging is slower, the battery temperature is important, etc. Here are the datas : Mach-E Premium AWD, 68...
  2. Wildthing

    Display screen resolution?

    Both Mach-E screen looks great but does anybody know the actual resolution of both screens?
  3. Wildthing

    Level 3 charging database (Google sheets)

    I built this basic spreadsheet to collect charging data. Feel free to enter your information or give your comments Charging database
  4. Wildthing

    Any OBD-II app that works yet?

    Has anyone tried the Mach-E with Torque Pro app on Android or other equivalent with iOS with a Bluethooth OBD-II reader? I wonder if it's already possible to read realtime data like battery temperature since it's not possible to see that important information (especially to optimise level 3...
  5. Wildthing

    Driving mode customization

    I was under the impression that weekend could change all settings in the driving mode other than acceleration (since mode is mainly throttle mapping). But I just realized that I never saw a video where these options are changed. I can on My Kona Electric Turns out than I hate agressif...
  6. Wildthing

    Grand Theft Auto Mach-E

    A guy has done a pretty good job rendering the Mach-E in GTA V! I would love to try one in Forza or Grand Turismo!
  7. Wildthing

    Mach-E 0-60 MPH Times Updated on Ford Site

    I'm a bit surprised that the RWD extended range is targetted slower than the standard range battery. Additionnal output don't compensate the additional weight? P.S. Post edited with ChasingCoral latest info that we can find in "compare models" on the Ford USA website
  8. Wildthing

    Mach-E HP vs torque question

    Updated with good explanation and graph by @Scufflegrit Original post/question: I must admit I do not understand power and torque figure announced for different versions. I found nothing about this and I’m surprised it hasn’t been discussed. I tought that the relation between power and...