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  1. highland58

    Dash Cams

    I'm thinking about getting a Dash Cam for my MME, I'm debating between the Thinkware U1000 4K 2CH, and the Blackvue DR900X 4K 2CH. I have the Blackvue 750 2CH in my Clarity, I have been happy with it, but the cost of taking it out to move it to my new car is a significant chunk of the cost of...
  2. highland58

    Updated info in

    Hmm, now seems to have more info. I don't remember seeing this part before. It still says 2021 Edge though. This is important: o_O Know when to change your engine oil I do see a picture of my car below:
  3. highland58

    Your Mustang Mach-E. Tomorrow’s technology unleashed.

    I just got an email with the above subject line. Have others gotten this email already? It has a link to a video, where I also found a video "Making the Mustang Mach-E | Mustang Mach-E | Ford". That video was from November, but I had not yet seen it. It was cool to see some new info, hopefully...