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  1. Ford Pass seems confused and off line, can't get it back to reality

    My car is charging, I had to go turn it on and off but now it is going to 100% (I hope) for this weekends travels. When I tried to get Ford Pass to continue to charge past the set 80% it lost touch with reality, and I haven't figured out how to get it back.
  2. 3.5.4 with two Bluetooth connections, no CarPlay or Android Auto

    Title pretty much says it, and if there's an existing thread please link. Just hoping to share any tips. I'm an iPhone user but have dedicated an Android Pixel 3a for JBV1, and with 3.5.4 it's great that I can now use my primary phone while getting alerts from a second phone. I'm guess I'm...
  3. Two months after delivery, 3.5.2 to, how long to get to 3.5.4?

    Holy smokes Ford is slow in pushing code. Other software updates I get pushed to me come much more timely... We took delivery of our GT at the beginning of October. This last Monday, I finally got around to asking Ford via phone when I might get an update. The agent ran my VIN and said I looked...
  4. Naboo is not working today, which means Sound Ford in Renton WA can't tell me on the phone what my order status is

    Holy smokes, these dealers. So damn slick. I just wanted to talk about Ford Options, what it looks like based on my order date. No dice, when I come in with my own credit union financing lined up, then they will present me all my options... Yeah sure, okay. How about what is my updated order...