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  1. notaek

    OTA 4.2.3

    10 pages on this already
  2. notaek

    GM is ditching CarPlay in all future EVs and teaming up with Google instead

    Foolish. GM is off my list as well. I guess we should have expected this since they weren't included in the announcement.
  3. notaek

    YouTube app updated and improved

    How old is your iPhone? 4-5 seconds?? Mine takes 1-2 seconds, if that.
  4. notaek

    SYNC in Explorer EV is NICE

    Reposting from other thread. I highly doubt this is the new tech stack.
  5. notaek

    Ford Explorer EV revealed (Europe only)

    Doubt this is the new interface/stack. We still haven't seen the next-gen EVs Ford has been talking out. My guess this is the last of the Sync 4/4A stack for EVs.
  6. notaek

    Ford Explorer EV revealed (Europe only)

    Some UI screenshots from the video. Buttons may be different??
  7. notaek

    I'm Done - 2023 Powertrain & High Voltage Battery Failure

    Anyone defending this, please get off the kool-aid.
  8. notaek

    Bluecruise 1.2 updating coming to 21/22 model years in a few weeks according to the internet

    "which have totally different software on them" Source on this? I don't believe that at all. They have to all be running the same stack for the most part.
  9. notaek

    Ford Power-Up 4.2.1 installed

    Just got it on my 22! (EA) Same text as Neil4Real.
  10. notaek

    Ford Power-Up 4.2.1 installed

    There's a thread on this already:
  11. notaek

    Ford Power-Up 4.2.1 installed

    If it's all software, than there should be an outrage if they want to compete with Tesla at all.
  12. notaek

    Hey Ford! Can we get mi/kWh on the instrument cluster?

    Add Escape to the list of vehicles with a customizable dash.