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  1. mpshizzle

    Bad Speed Limit Data - How to report?

    I've been having an issue with the map data on I-15 near where I live in Utah. The speed limit is 70, but there are 2 spots on the freeway (about 1/2 mile apart) where the car thinks the speed limit is 50. It's kinda dangerous, as you're cruising along all of a sudden the car will just stomp on...
  2. mpshizzle

    Phone key speed

    Back in the early days Paak was horribly unreliable. Now it works reliably, but it's just a matter of speed. And I suspect that has to do with the phone. I thought it might be interesting to see if we can find out! How fast is yours on average? Please respond with your speed bracket and which...
  3. mpshizzle

    Nav Broken, Suggesting bad routes.

    After the most recent wave of updates (2.8.2/2.8.3) I've been noticing that the connected nav has been suggesting really bad routes. The biggest thing I've noticed is it seems to like to avoid the interstate. Instead it will take side roads that take significantly longer. Almost as if it's...
  4. mpshizzle

    2.8.3 Awkward Install... But sure.. It works

    To preface this, I installed BC via FDRS, so theoretically I didn't need the software updates, but 2 days ago I received 2.8.2 and yesterday I got 2.8.3. The install for 2.8.2 was completely invisible to me. Car just told me when it was done. 2.8.3 I had no idea it was installing, but it made...
  5. mpshizzle

    Blue Cruise - No Going Back

    Just something interesting I've noted with blue cruise. Should you be in a situation where you want to go back to normal "hands on" lane centering... You basically can't. In the driver assist menu you can have lane centering with hands free turned on or off. There's no option for Hands on. On...
  6. mpshizzle

    Blue Cruise Installed but not activated. Anyone Else?

    I installed blue cruise via FDRS (customer satisfaction 21G01) Software installed fine with no hitches. Car shows hands free driving mode, good till October, everything fine there. But the server side activation never came. No notice in Ford Pass, no email, no blue cruise in connected...
  7. mpshizzle

    Thoughts on Auto steer after trying the Tesla Model Y

    Today I was renting a Y on a work trip. First time spending a large amount of time with it and I have some thoughts on the auto steer system. some good. Some bad. Overall though, I was surprised to find that general performance of the system is very similar to Mach E. It gets talked up so much...
  8. mpshizzle

    Poll: Are you in early access?

    I have noticed something odd in the echo chamber that is this forum. A new update comes out, an EA member reports it, other EA members confirm, and everyone else gets FOMO. I suspect this is in part because the percentage of active users on here that are in EA is far higher than the actual ratio...
  9. mpshizzle

    Subtle but important updates to the IPC

    Been living with the new IPC UI for a few days now, and I've noted a few small but meaningful changes. (and a couple that are totally meaningless) The warnings have ok buttons now (very good for usability's sake) When you have the frunk open it tells you in two separate warnings that the frunk...
  10. mpshizzle

    I ran all the FDRS updates and I can TASTE Blue Cruise

    So, I got an fdrs license for the first time since October and ran all of the updates my car had (Which were many) So for those thinking of doing the same to get blue cruise, let me share how the journey has gone so far Not all, but most of the updates available for me were related to the blue...
  11. mpshizzle

    "Get updates quicker"

    Ford is definitely about to push an update that requires the car to be parked. And it's quite apparent they're very worried about people whining about it. So here's yet another form of communication on it that popped up in Ford pass.. I'm guessing the rumored 2.5.2 will be the first "parked" update
  12. mpshizzle

    Audio Amp or Sync Failure?

    So I just had a fun thing happened with my audio system! When I got into my car and started it instead of hearing the usual chimes I heard a series of very loud crackles and Pops from the speakers as if audio cables were being plugged in and unplugged repeatedly to a live amp. Android Auto...
  13. mpshizzle

    How do you turn off the express lane?

    I've started having a new issue with the built in nav after power up 2.3.0. It has started explicitly telling me when to enter and exit the express/carpool lane on the interstate. On the surface this doesn't sound like an issue, but it's a pain (and somewhat dangerous) because by the time it...
  14. mpshizzle

    Maybe disregarding charge schedules DOES make sense?

    I've seen a lot of reports on here of cars charging outside of their set limits and times. I cannot speak to blowing past a charge limit, but I think I found a case where charging outside of hours makes sense (and is purposeful). My evse allows me to set the charge rate (very handy since the...
  15. mpshizzle

    Adaptive Cruise Fail - Parking brake on the freeway

    This evening I experienced probably the worst adaptive Cruise Fail I've ever had. I was on the freeway in stop and go traffic. The tacoma in front of me slowed and my car followed and reacted accordingly. But once the truck in front stopped, my car kept creeping closer and closer (much less...
  16. mpshizzle

    Why does the frunk turn off remote start?

    I've noticed that opening the frunk immediately kills remote start. Is there any good reason for this? That kind of functionality makes perfect sense for an ice vehicle, given there's an engine in there. But I can't think of any reason to do that with a storage bin. So what do you think? Is...
  17. mpshizzle

    A Guide to Understanding OTA Updates

    There seems to be a lot of confusion around OTA. What updates are out, how they work, and how to know what you have. So I thought I'd make a guide to help clear things up. 1) What do the numbers mean? Power Ups (OTA updates) are numbered, but the numbers mean nothing. They might as well be...
  18. mpshizzle

    The Mach-E ice breakers

    We all know about the ice breakers in the doors, but I think I found another ice breaker in the front grill shutters. Tonight is particularly cold for Utah at 11F (-11C) due to drop down to 5F. (Yes I know it gets down to -4,000 where you Canadians are) When I got into the garage I plugged the...
  19. mpshizzle

    Blinker missing blinks... What a fun bug

    This morning I encountered a fun bug where the blinker doesn't tick on every beat. It was just missing beats. Very minor and inconsequential but weird. This is only the second time it's happened to me over 7 months and 17k miles. So it's pretty rare. Has anyone else noticed this?
  20. mpshizzle

    Toll pass placement?

    I got the clean Air Utah pass, that allows me to ride Solo in the HOV lane... trouble is though, it uses the toll pass system and as it is currently placed, the RFID tag has trouble reading. My guess is that something about the camera array is blocking it... Living in Utah, toll passes are...