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  1. MattG

    Rural Colorado Road Trip in Mach-E 4X performance results (Woodland Park to Ridgway)

    My wife and I frequently drive between Woodland Park and Ridgway in Colorado, a ~240 mile trip normally (that we stretched into 255 miles exploring charging options today). Here's the elevation profile: So as you can imagine, we were nervous about what our range would be like in an EV with...
  2. MattG

    “Electrical system drain” message in FordPass app

    I awoke this morning to an app notification of an “electrical system drain”: I’ve had the car less than two days; before picking it up the dealer found some issues pointing to a possible LVB problem and did some software updates. So it seems that maybe the car is now operating as intended...
  3. MattG

    Realistic range for driving in CO?

    I’m trying to convince my wife we should go through with buying a Mach-E (deposit already placed). AWD extended range. The big uncertainty is range in real world Colorado driving. We frequently drive between Woodland Park and Ridgway....a distance of about 240 miles. The route goes over...