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  1. mark360

    Range Speculation! WLTP vs EPA

    The Mach E will have 370 miles WLTP range. What do you think that will translate to in EPA range? Here is the chart listing the different manufacturers WLTP to EPA:
  2. mark360

    Sold My Model 3 - for a Ford

    Hello All, I've owned my Model 3 for a year and a half now, and just this past weekend I decided to get rid of it. This last Tesla service visit really struck a nerve with me and made me decide to get rid of it sooner than I had hoped. Over the last month, I starting having a terrible...
  3. mark360

    Mach E GT vs Model Y Performance

    Mustang Mach-E GT Ford Reservation Deposit $500††† Est. MSRP $60,500††††† Eligible for $7,500 Federal Tax Credit Net Price: $53,000 + Sales Tax & Doc fee (some states have state tax incentives) 20" Cast Aluminum Wheels 0-60MPH below 4.0 Permanent-Electric Dual Motor All Wheel Drive Miko®...
  4. mark360

    Tesla Model 3 - V3 250KW charging facts

    Hello all, Yesterday I took my Model 3 to the closest V3 supercharger - quite the road trip. The closest one to me was over 5 hours away. Tesla has been slow to unveil V3 and they are rare at the moment. I thought it would be a good test to really evaluate Tesla's claim for 250KW speed. Here is...
  5. mark360

    Mach-E impressions at Atlanta Auto Show - "Surprising and Really Interesting"

    Interesting take on the Mach E, and agree with his assessment 100%!
  6. mark360

    Ford Mach E is up to 41,000 reservations with orders in all 50 states

    From Ford’s Mustang Mach-E reservations are moving along nicely, with the car’s release coming at the end of this year. We learned today that, if reservation numbers are sequential (and they seem to be), the car now has approximately 41,400 reservations (globally) according to...
  7. mark360

    The truth about Electrify America's progress and Traveling with the Mach E

    Electrify America's DCFC network has a very good coverage of the US currently. EA Status: 406 locations in the USA with 1400 stalls with 70 more locations coming this year (supposedly) Average of 4 stall per location 150kw up to 350kw capability Along major interstates and roadways...
  8. mark360

    Mach E Sync 4.0 Demonstration

    Wow, that looks amazing and very fluid! I can't wait to try out Sync 4.0 on the Mach E!
  9. mark360

    Mach E effect on Ford stock price?

    When the Mach E releases, how do you all think this vehicle will affect ford's stock price? Ford is currently trading at what appears to be a 5 year low, which is crazy since the company is committing to tech and the future of electrification more so than any other brand in my opinion (other...
  10. mark360

    Why Tesla's Direct approach to sales will fail

    TESLA WAY Tesla's is the manufacturer and the SELLER of the vehicle. Not only are they now responsible for manufacturing a good car, but they have to also be responsible for covering the cost of selling that vehicle. That means covering the costs for transporting the vehicles, storing them...
  11. mark360

    Wanna watch Tesla Fanboys start making a fool of themselves? You're welcome xD
  12. mark360

    Mustang Mach E is a Gamechanger - Here is Why (vs TESLA)

    I want to first preface this by explaining my ownership experience with my Model 3, my first EV, and share some of my thoughts since having the car for a year and a half. I think everyone on the forums can share in my opinion on the car and overall outlook. I absolutely love my model 3, and it...