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  1. jhalkias

    Ford . . . PLEASE consider making the Mach E compatible with Apple Car Key! (or give us TWO fobs)

    Dear Ford people who are viewing the forum . . . please consider making the Mach E compatible with Apple Car Key. I know that your PAAK is a point of pride in your release of the Mach E. BUT . . . it is so inconsistent. I am driving my dealer's FCTP this week until my car arrives, and sometimes...
  2. jhalkias

    The P51 and the Mach E, two Mustangs

    At the MAPS Air Museum near our Local airport.
  3. jhalkias

    No this is not my car . . .

    We are hoping my car will be in this week - it is within striking distance probably just waiting for a car carrier truck now, but . . . My dealer’s FCTP came in on Thursday, and he let me take it home for a few days until mine hopefully comes in. This is an AWD ER Premium Initial and very...
  4. jhalkias

    4.1 Miles/KWH achieved in Mach-E on 266 mile trip!

    I know this is probably near ideal perfect conditions in California, but @ocdxfv got 4.1 miles per KWH!
  5. jhalkias

    Audi E-Tron GT . . . showing Tesla how it's done

    Anyone else think Audi was throwing a little shade at Tesla in this video?
  6. jhalkias

    Plugshare now compatible with Apple CarPlay!

    Saw this on a Facebook post this morning.
  7. jhalkias

    Ohio EV Registration Fee - Get involved

    For my Ohio friends, if you want to get involved regarding changing the OH registration fee, Clean Fuels OH is starting an initiative. Sign up for updates here:
  8. jhalkias

    Electrek Review: The Mach-E is Ford’s most important Mustang in 56 years

    Article: Video:
  9. jhalkias

    The Verge loves the Mach-E

    Article: Video:
  10. jhalkias

    Sandy Munro interviews Elon Musk

    Pretty interesting . . . Elon himself does NOT recommend buying early production Teslas.
  11. jhalkias

    Darren Palmer talks Mach-E 12V battery and first OTA software update
  12. jhalkias

    Cleantechnica First Drive Review
  13. jhalkias

    My town gets some DC Fast Chargers

    Too bad the reporter doesn’t know a lot about the subject
  14. jhalkias

    If only it had 8 track too . . .

    From the Ford Merch Store
  15. jhalkias

    Mach E May be bad news for Tesla Investors - Business Insider

    Darren Palmer posted this on his Linkdin