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  1. AndyS_OSU

    Bullet is in the chamber.

    My Premium SR RWD Carbonized Grey Mach-E, also known as Bullet, is in the chamber (at the dealer). They were getting it locked and loaded tonight so I can pull the trigger tomorrow morning. Okay I'm done. Going to put it to the test immediately. For those that remember, my mom was diagnosed...
  2. AndyS_OSU

    Taking train stalking to the next lecel

    Not every track in America but there’s a chance you could see your MME roll by on an auto rack if you’re lucky enough to know the train’s route and there’s a cam along the way. Link below.
  3. AndyS_OSU

    Did You Receive the Mach-E Delivery Delay Email? Take This Survey

    [ADMIN EDIT] - Take this survey ONLY if you have received the Mach-E Delivery Delay Email (see this thread and screenshot example below). Anyone interested in providing data just to see what (if any) trends exist in the delay or if it's all encompassing? This may or may not be necessary...
  4. AndyS_OSU

    Confirmation of a traditional lease option or competitive numbers?

    If you’ve seen my posts in other threads, you know I’ve been apprehensive about Ford Option and how pricey it might be for those of us who have been leasing EV’s for a long time. Hoping this reply from Ford’s Emma Bergg means good news is on the way.
  5. AndyS_OSU

    Tax Credit Help

    Is there anyone on the forum well-versed in the EV tax credits and what someone’s tax status needs to look like to qualify for the whole thing? I’m pretty sure I would get most if not all of it back as we have received refunds the last couple years and I’m pretty sure the taxes owed has been...
  6. AndyS_OSU

    Has anyone crunched the Ford Option numbers?

    Disclaimer: I’m no accounting savant. Out of curiosity I went back to the Ford website and priced out my exact build, went to the payment estimator, and then Ford Option. Now I know rates may change come November or December and that the residuals change from month to month, but with the...
  7. AndyS_OSU

    Over/under odds on 57% residual for Ford option/lease program

    Will Ford be aggressive with their residual value for the MME or take note for GM and kneecap it barely above 50% (like the 2020 BoltEV) so they don’t lose their butts on returns? I personally need this to be pushing 60% and a great introductory money factor to make this work
  8. AndyS_OSU

    “Order Accepted”

    Has anyone’s online order information moved from “Order Sent to Dealer” to “Order Accepted”. And what exactly does that mean? Accepted by dealer? Accepted by Ford?
  9. AndyS_OSU

    Deposits - what are you hearing?

    Curious what you’re hearing from your dealers about deposits at the time of conversion form reservation to order. The impression I got from my dealer was that the reservation amount would be refunded at the time of order but another $500 deposit would be required to the dealer at the same time...
  10. AndyS_OSU

    What questions should we be asking dealers now?

    With reservations made and ordering coming up, what questions should we be asking dealerships to not only prepare but also insure we are getting the fairest deal? I consider myself fairly savvy at buying/leasing cars but have never dealt with purchasing direct (like the Tesla model or other...
  11. AndyS_OSU

    Dealer Information and Communications

    As I’ve discovered in my limited conversations with dealers, there’s a lot of conflicting info out there (as to be expected). Would it be proper to share communications that we have received from dealerships? So far my dealer has confirmed that there is conflicting info in regard to the final...