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  1. Accord07

    Well It's Been Fun - Ford Just Pulled My Car Back to Factory **UPDATE**

    This lack of empathy is very disappointing, it seems like neither is interested in keeping you as a customer. As I recall you had to scramble because the lease on your previous car was up while the Mach-E launch was delayed, only to encounter this after months of waiting.
  2. Accord07

    Horrible Experience at Ford Dealer- Is Tesla’s Non-Dealer Model Better?

    When I first saw this picture yesterday, it reminded me of a former boss who praised commodity hardware to the heavens and preached strongly against proprietary systems for years, then a month after leaving the company he came back to pitch for a vendor of proprietary systems. 😁 I am so glad...
  3. Accord07

    Do I win a forum award for the first Mach-E accident?

    So sorry to hear about this! I hit a deer several years ago, paid my $500 deductible while insurance picked up $2,000. Because I was going to trade in the car in a few months, I was more annoyed than upset. I see them on roadways regularly, especially during the colder months.
  4. Accord07

    For new owners: is it worth it?

    My first test drive was actually in a First Edition, since then I have come across two Premium AWD ER for sale in my area. None of them was in the exact color combination I wanted, which is what made me pause; once I read about the issues reported here, I decided to just wait for a later build...
  5. Accord07

    Ordering question

    I placed my order online on a Sunday and forwarded the order number to the salesperson I had spoken to after my test drive. Under my account the order was shown as accepted by the dealer the following day.
  6. Accord07

    Tesla Y SR $2k price drop --> now same price as Mach-E SR RWD Premium post $7.5k tax rebate

    Forget about the "secret menu", King Elon should have just ordered a revision of the spec sheet to show a range of 250 miles. Just about everyone - except those who claim heat pump is the greatest thing ever invented - already knows Tesla's range figures are optimistic at best, if not downright...
  7. Accord07

    Noise Level (dBA Decibels) in Mach-E Interior With Comparison to Model Y

    Even my lowly minivan registers 67 dbA when cruising at 70 mph in Car and Driver testing. After all it is mostly wind and road noise, when the engine is revving at only 1560 rpm. Using laminated glass to aid soundproofing isn't exactly new, Honda Odyssey has had it in the windshield on most trim...
  8. Accord07

    Tesla Y SR $2k price drop --> now same price as Mach-E SR RWD Premium post $7.5k tax rebate

    I guess it has been April 1 at Tesla for weeks now. Maybe they accidentally restored the website to a previous state from two months ago, who knows. Indeed the standard range model is not available in their configurator today.
  9. Accord07

    I'm going to pick up my MME tomorrow

    No matter how prepared one might be, unfortunately there is no good choice when the dealer does not act in good faith, due to the limited supply: one either walks away and starts over with another dealer, waits for months for another car to be produced, and hopes for a better experience the next...
  10. Accord07

    I'm going to pick up my MME tomorrow

    In that case the price reduction also meant no more free access to their charging network, so it was a trade-off. Whether Tesla's pricing is fair isn't really the point though. For most mass produced products, the same price is available to everyone at a given point in time, even if there is a...
  11. Accord07

    Dead Low Voltage Battery (LVB) -- Followed by Stuck in Park

    Uh, I think you either meant the Presidential Medal of Freedom, or should have written to Pelosi instead 😜 Either way, I agree that @ChasingCoral deserves the medal.
  12. Accord07

    With Tesla lowering Prices, will Ford follow on the Mach-E?

    There is no guarantee that the proposed legislation will become law. In its current form the $7,000 is not retroactive, so some prospective buyers cross-shopping Mach-E and Model Y may end up delaying making a decision. In the short term that is a problem for Tesla rather than Ford, simply...
  13. Accord07

    I thought all snowflakes had 6 sides?? 😀

    No! Not before paint protection is applied :p
  14. Accord07

    Deep Sleep Mode - 12v battery drained dead [update: Mach-E jump started]

    I don't disagree with you, in that to make a meaningful comparison the noise needs to be measured in a controlled setting. It is difficult to make a conclusion based on what different observers perceive in different vehicles, I don't think anyone has reported comparing two Mach-E's side-by-side...
  15. Accord07

    Alex on Autos: Mach-E range test - can it go 270 miles?

    Let's take one step back and look at ICE vehicles. Generally when fuel efficiency is compared, it is between vehicles in the same class, i.e., of similar type, size, etc., curb weight of each vehicle certainly has an impact on its mpg ratings but it rarely enters the conversation when people...
  16. Accord07

    Alex on Autos: Mach-E range test - can it go 270 miles?

    Range and efficiency are two different things. Using the numbers you are quoting, Model Y uses ~300 Wh per mile (assuming 75 kWh capacity, some say usable capacity is slightly lower as the company is not transparent about that), Mach-E uses ~324 Wh per mile (88 kWh for 270-mile range)...
  17. Accord07

    Alex on Autos: Mach-E range test - can it go 270 miles?

    His Model Y range test video was made in 95-degree weather though. Under the same testing conditions I would expect the two to have similar range. In tests done by 3rd parties it has been shown again and again Tesla's EPA ratings are consistently inflated, while others' numbers are conservative...
  18. Accord07

    Hardwire Radar Detector

    As if your 12V battery isn't draining fast enough!
  19. Accord07

    Tesla Y SR $2k price drop --> now same price as Mach-E SR RWD Premium post $7.5k tax rebate

    Complaints about heat pump failures in Model Y and updated Model 3 are starting to appear, as they go through their first winter. I am old enough to recall that once upon a time there were heated debates here on this forum regarding the lack of a heat pump in Mach-E... Obviously Mach-E is...
  20. Accord07

    Deep Sleep Mode - 12v battery drained dead [update: Mach-E jump started]

    Lately for some reason folks keep responding to old posts, long after those statements have been updated. :D