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  1. All things NJ Deliveries

    Congrats man. Hoping to join you shortly.
  2. All things NJ Deliveries

    That’s discouraging. I’ve been dealing with the GM and he seemed to have had it under control when we talked about it a few weeks ago. What time are you going back? Hopefully by the time we both go in they have this worked out.
  3. All things NJ Deliveries

    Alright. Scheduled to take delivery tomorrow at 2 pm. Would have gone tonight but the finance manager apparently has more important things to do with his Friday night than getting me my car (kidding, he’s a great guy and deserves his time). From those that came before me, anything in particular...
  4. All things NJ Deliveries

    The Forum tracker says mine arrived as well. No change on the official Ford tracker yet. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning that saw his mom wrapping the gifts but was told I have to wait till we get home from church before I can open it.
  5. All things NJ Deliveries

    Anecdotally mine was marked on palsapp as delivered to Birmingham on 2/10. Assuming an on time delivery on 3/5 that would be 23 days from Birmingham to Dealer. Maybe it will come earlier than that since JerseyMike was able to figure out it got to Wilmington earlier this week, but if it gets...
  6. All things NJ Deliveries

    Ah null, spent a week there one night. Honestly, that’s what mine said for a long time on pals until it finally made it to KC and transferred to the Birmingham Ramp. Sounds like some of the folks on here would have better info than me but that sounds like your still en route to KC from Mexico...
  7. All things NJ Deliveries

    Haha. Well done JerseyMike. That’s me! Appreciate you following up on it. Sounds like it’s in the home stretch.
  8. All things NJ Deliveries

    Mine matches one of them, but I suppose it could be a coincide (hoping not). Tracking still shows a 3/5 delivery. So close. Thanks for sharing what you found.
  9. All things NJ Deliveries

    I hope that proves true for you (and for me). My car was delivered to Birmingham on 2/10. So 13 days would put it sometime this week. I’m just hopeful it comes in Fords estimate of 3/5 which would still qualify for the state incentive. Here’s hoping everyone gets an on time or early delivery...
  10. Scarlett's home! (California Route 1 aka ER RWD)

    Congrats man. Car looks great. Maybe you’ll blow by me on the turnpike this weekend. I’ll give a wave. Hopefully join you in just over two weeks.
  11. All things NJ Deliveries

    Sadly, it is not mine. On closer inspection that is a Select. Miller confirmed as much, but I do have a test drive scheduled for next weekend so, I’ll take that. 3/5 will be here before I know.
  12. All things NJ Deliveries

    Dude, I think that’s my car!!! I need to call over there. Was supposed to come 3/5 but that sure looks like an iconic silver premium. Haha. Maybe
  13. All things NJ Deliveries

    Fingers crossed for C Max.
  14. All things NJ Deliveries

    I’ve bought several Fords and Subarus from Miller in Lumberton and always have had a very good experience. They may be too far away from you. I’ll say there is only so much a dealer can do for you with the Mach E but at a minimum they should be responsive to reasonable requests. My dealer has...
  15. All things NJ Deliveries

    Hopefully you still make it. Mines not due to arrive until 3/5 so I’m in the same boat. I did hear back from the program and they updated the website so it now says: “A purchase or lease is deemed completed when the purchaser or lessee of the vehicle has executed and signed a purchase or lease...
  16. All things NJ Deliveries

    SAM said the magic word “legalese”. Too many times in my career legalese in statutes and regulations has screwed me, but here I’m inclined to agree. In any case, paint, destination and delivery, etc, it’s certainly worth a shot. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  17. All things NJ Deliveries

    Sorice, it’s tough to say. I think the intent is there to exclude things like destination and delivery. As in they are giving that as an example how what can be excluded, but it could also be read that it la up to the manufacturer to determine what is included in the MSRP. Has anyone ever bought...
  18. All things NJ Deliveries

    Thanks SAM. It’s that “generally” that always gives me pause. I’m an attorney by trade (cue the jokes). Language is always tricky. I agree destination and delivery should be excluded under the language but if the state wanted to get cute there is probably enough there. Thanks again for the...
  19. All things NJ Deliveries

    I made the exact same change from an IB to an iconic silver for the $5k. Technically I’m still over the $55k limit with delivery and destination. Hoping the language in the guidance holds up. Any of the other Jersey folks still hearing that if you ordered before 12/15 and take delivery before...
  20. All things NJ Deliveries

    I hear ya on the $5k. Not sure I’ll get it with the delivery charge and the law change. I know some of the Jersey folks on the forum did good work talking to reps at the state but I’ve never been much of an optimist when it comes to money from the government. Better to have the car you want...