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  1. FordPass App

    I couldn’t get the trip planner to work. It keeps popping out an error message. “No vehicle signal record”.
  2. Horn no longer sounding with auto-lock when walking away

    There is a setting that maybe you have changed it. I turn the horn off for my car. I know the car is lock when the mirrors folded.
  3. My Mach-E with panel gap issue

    Yes. They adjusted the gap for me too and fixes the seal. The good news they will replace my bumpers but no ETA for When the parts will arrived.
  4. Mach-E Reviews and the Tesla Bias

    i think DIY videos will be nice. Like removing the brackets in the frun, accessing the 12V battery,...
  5. For new owners: is it worth it?

    It is definitely worth it for me. I have some minor quality issues but dealer is taking care of them. The good far outweigh the bad. 1. The way they integrate Apple carplay is a big plus for me. 2. Sound system is nice, even my son notice. He ask me why it seems like the music comes from...
  6. Dash Cams

    If you are getting a DashCam, you might want to consider getting one with Super capacitor instead of Li-On battery. Since the interior of the car can becomes very hot, it will degrade the DashCam battery very fast. Every time you turn off the car, the DashCam will take a second or two to...
  7. My Mach-E with panel gap issue

    So your left side liftgate has a tighter gap too? There were 2 other Mach-E when I pick up my car and those cars seemed ok. I will let you know what my dealer say tomorrow when I meet with them.
  8. My Mach-E with panel gap issue

    Wow, seems like we are in the same batch. The the car is perfect inside, I like the materials, the touch screen and the drive.
  9. My Mach-E with panel gap issue

    My car was built on 12/8 and shipped on 12/31. Yes, I did received the dreaded email for additional quality check. Just surprised that something so obvious wasn't caught.
  10. My Mach-E with panel gap issue

    My Mach-E arrived at the dealer site on Friday (2/12). I didn't get a chance to post until now because I was out of town. I was pretty sad about the condition of the new car. After multiple rounds of delay related to quality, I am surprised by what I saw. It is pretty bang-up for a new car...
  11. Shipped Mach-Es Arrive at Kansas City Terminal With Deliveries Imminent

    Sorry, my dealer is Turtle-Click, don't know why I think it is in Tustin. They confirm my car has been received. They told me they need a day or 2 to prep. I told them I would like to pick up this evening, but hasn't heard back from them yet.
  12. Shipped Mach-Es Arrive at Kansas City Terminal With Deliveries Imminent

    You should get yours soon. They are meeting or beating their ETA now.
  13. Shipped Mach-Es Arrive at Kansas City Terminal With Deliveries Imminent

    Tustin. It seems like the train for Southern California has finally arrived. I will drop by the dealer today. Congrats to people that received their cars. For those that are still waiting, Ford is improving their communication and delivery time. My ETA was 2/7-2/13.
  14. Shipped Mach-Es Arrive at Kansas City Terminal With Deliveries Imminent

    I was hopping for the dealer to call. Instead, I received an email from Ford telling me my car has been delivered. I checked the status, and it indeed shows "delivered." Hopefully, my dealer will call tomorrow.
  15. Range concern

    Oops. I am not complaining. I think It is good that Ford is putting a lot of intelligence into the range number prediction. It gives confidence whether it shows 200 miles or 250miles. Thumb up for that. In fact, Ford's approach fits my use case perfectly. My commute to work is short, but I...
  16. Range concern

    It seems like range variations are quite large for the few lucky members that had received their car. How do we know if the battery has gone bad or change in weather? Does it show battery health status like the iPhone (percentage of original capacity) on the vehicle health page?
  17. What do people know about real world range?

    unless you plan to drive 55mph on the freeway, I wouldn't count on 270miles range. If you use the Ford map to plan your trip, it will show you. BTW, are you using Apple Map, it is supposed to support EV routing? "At its annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) on Monday, Apple announced...
  18. Ford Options...Ugh

    :D but sad that we can't depend on the dealer knowledge at this time. Maybe, that will change by the time I get my car. But thanks to people here, I will be prepared for the day.
  19. Ford Options...Ugh

    Happy to see all the deliveries. There is hope that my pony that is lost in the Speedway will find its way here. I am thinking of doing the "Option" too. In the other threads, I learned that there would be no penalty for prepayment. If I wanted to pay off in a few months, do I pay off the 36...
  20. Edmunds: Mach E vs. Tesla Model Y comparison review

    The range is a surprise for me. Most reviews show real world range lower than EPA. I wonder if it is because Ford tends to be pessimistic on the estimation. So you have to drive it to 0% to get real number.