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  1. SyNRG


    Good luck and looking forward to your end result, both realistic range and experiences at the public charging stations.
  2. SyNRG

    Range anxiety after two days of driving

    Sounds like SoCal when the first rainfall onset hits!
  3. SyNRG

    jksu’s Premium STD RWD Shadow Black/Black arrived!

    Sorry late to the party but congrats and gorgeous Mach-E!
  4. SyNRG

    My obligatory "its here" thread - Route 1

    Congrats and looking goooood!! Looking forward to more driving impressions.
  5. SyNRG

    My Travels With Marlin (GB FE Delivered)

    😈 😈 😈 😈 - love it!!! Congrats and enjoy the new ride dear sir, well deserved. So when is the first road trip?
  6. SyNRG

    I got my 2nd shot of Moderna today

    I got my Moderna #2 on 02/02 - ummm yeah had to call out the next day. Headaches, chills, aches, low grade fever.... not fun but glad that's done! :)
  7. SyNRG

    Android Will Power Ford Vehicle Navigation Starting in 2023

    Very true, but I'm hoping this doesn't happen anytime soon.
  8. SyNRG

    Aftermarket wheels are always my first mod

    Thanks for sharing, awesome pics! Noticed the Dynamat, was that because of exhaust drone or for better stereo sound?
  9. SyNRG

    My Mach-E Day 1 Impressions

    Come on now, gotta hype it up to pump up the stonks! :p🤣
  10. SyNRG

    Aftermarket wheels are always my first mod

    I like these very much! I'm also a sucker for 5-spokes (although I won't say no to a set of the cf GT350R wheels) like a set of Fikse FM-5 or Profil-5. BTW - that's a beastly looking GT500, wow!
  11. SyNRG

    My Mach-E Day 1 Impressions

    Congrats and beautiful color!! So jealous right now, living vicariously through all the owners on this board, please post more pics! :) How's Sync 4A? Any lag or any other issues? Phone as key working as it should?
  12. SyNRG

    Refreshed Tesla Model S and Model X

    Not a fan of the steering wheel, otherwise nice looking interior.
  13. SyNRG

    Shadow has arrived!

    Congrats & giddyup!
  14. SyNRG

    I just received my Mach-E First Edition (in California)!

    Congrats and enjoy the new ride! 🎆:)
  15. SyNRG

    Ford to convert Oakville, Ont plant for EV production

    Confirmed for 2026 Lincoln Corsair BEV: Oakville Ontario Plant New BEV
  16. SyNRG

    First Forum Member receives his Mach-E X!

    Veddy, veddy nice and congrats!!
  17. SyNRG

    Thunderbird revival?

    Hoping it'll be a BEV!
  18. SyNRG

    Model Y with STD range and 7 seaters is finally out

    If that! IMHO I don't even think it's suitable for kids, but I'm sure someone out there will find it useful.
  19. SyNRG

    Model Y with STD range and 7 seaters is finally out

    Just saw this posted today: