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  1. Regularmache

    Have something special once I received my Mach in mid March

    So Welcome to the Forum 1st day member! I hope March is good to you!
  2. Regularmache

    Poll — Mach Drop Orders

    He didn't even send me pics unloading or at the dealership! 😔 So excited!
  3. Regularmache

    Poll — Mach Drop Orders

    Dealer called my Mach Drop Just got delivered tonight 27 Feb. Well get it Monday!!!
  4. Regularmache

    Well It's Been Fun - Ford Just Pulled My Car Back to Factory **UPDATE**

    I would asked to be elevated to Ford Senior Customer Care. They absolutely can get you your car albeit bwith a different VIN, same color FE. You need to be all over social media! This isn't acceptable at all.
  5. Regularmache

    Recall: 21B02-S1 Software Calibration Update

    Just so your not surprised, this little fender bender cost USAA $10,730 when somebody pulled out in front of my wife a couple months ago. The headlight was cracked and it cost $1200 alone, the Platinum Grill was $980. Then all the advanced cruise control and distance sensor along with the...
  6. Regularmache

    Do I win a forum award for the first Mach-E accident?

    Well I guess dear aren't afraid of horses! looks like a first edition so maybe Ford can replicate the dents on your fractal pony LOL 😂 seriously I'm glad you can keep Good humor about it and nobody was hurt.
  7. Regularmache

    Test drove my delivery today. I am not taking it

    I agree, but how nice was it to say, No thank you I've got another one on order! See you in May! Priceless!
  8. Regularmache

    Frunk / Remote Start Questions (Answered)

    Yes we can thank Congress, whom specifies in 49 CFR § 571.113 - Standard No. 113; Hood latch system. basically anything foreword of the windshield has extra regulations for the express purpose of not allowing it to block a drivers view if inadvertently released. Saving us from ourselves i...
  9. Regularmache

    First Mach-E dyno test results: 375 hp / 409 ft-lbs torque

    Why does the Dyno have Tesla in the vehicle description?
  10. Regularmache

    Day 4: Owning a Mach E

    Yeah it used to be in small towns everybody knew all the dirty secrets of your faults and failure's. Today, the whole world gets to know!!🙂
  11. Regularmache

    Purchasing and Programming another FOB

    Dealers spend thousands of dollars a year for Fob/Key control systems. It's a huge problem so each person showing a car, detail dept, third party vendor, window repair, paintless sent repair etc; have a code that signs the fob out to a specific person in the system and they still get lost. It...
  12. Regularmache

    Purchasing and Programming another FOB

    Well I usually hand my Key to the Valet, BUT IF IT'S THE ONLY ONE FORD GIVES ME, it's too damn valuable to risk them losing it! I'll have to emphasize with the valet, This is the only FOB that came with this Limited Edition MachE, so make extra sure you don't lose it!
  13. Regularmache

    Day 4: Owning a Mach E

    Ford hired a John Deere "Data as an income stream" exec for this reason. Subscription, selling of data, and customer habits and daily routines. This is valuable data that this gentleman was able to monetize for John Deere. I'm fine with it, but I want my cut of the profits generated. This is...
  14. Regularmache

    Purchasing and Programming another FOB

    From our F150 to the wife's Platinum Murano, we each have a key, I love that my seat, mirrors, pedals, etc; all know where to be when I grab the door handle of each vehicle. Thanks to separate FOBs for each of us. No worries if I'm talking on the phone, or phones dead, Fobs in the pocket, all...
  15. Regularmache

    Purchasing and Programming another FOB

    Okay whoever is on Social media, Tweet to Darren Palmer @ Ford that MACH E drivers expected 2 Two, FOB's, Ford please correct this!!! Even Fords cheapest vehicles get Two Fobs!!! **BTW, the little area on the remote is an LED lens, it can flash Red or Green depending on the Ford model its...
  16. Regularmache

    Mach Drop Build Updates

    What does PALSAPP show? This happened to me, counted down, got 2 days away then BAM! 23 days!
  17. Regularmache

    Received a Mach-E First Edition surprise gift! 3D printed fractal pony with VIN display.

    I would guess a mini model of your car and color with your name on it?
  18. Regularmache

    Dead Low Voltage Battery (LVB) -- Followed by Stuck in Park

    Your attitude is notable indeed Mark! I would like to say I would be as patient and see it as a partnership with a company that's been around since Horse and Buggies, but I don't know if I could. Huge Props to you for sure. I hope Marlin knows what a devoted owner it has.🙂
  19. Regularmache

    240V Charging issue

    Less than 1700 Bronco Sports to check bolts, and some 12v issues are pretty minor expected to some degree on all new Platforms and Architecture launching during a pandemic; not bad I say. I can't tell you how many issues we had with our entirely new Honda Van after they switched from selling...