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  1. JamieGeek

    Mach-E Hate?

    So far no hate: I did catch someone driving a "real" Mustang give me the side eye but I think they were just trying to get a good look LOL. Oh and on the freeway another "real" Mustang blew by us weaving in and out of traffic but I don't think he even noticed us...just being a general a-hole..
  2. JamieGeek

    Someone please start a thread with instructions on how to remove the Frunk divider.

    Since you started the thread wouldn't this qualify even though you're just asking the question? I'd say the easiest method is a stick of dynamite. Oh wait you wanted the car intact? well then. If you want to do it carefully: Get a wide bladed screwdriver and pop each one of the fasteners out...
  3. JamieGeek

    Frunk Won't Close Completely? Try Sitting on the Edge of the Hood

    My method for closing the frunk which has been quite reliable but prone to fingerprints: Set the hood down on the latches (dropping doesn't work due to the gas shocks holding it open). Use both hands--need both, one doesn't work--and press just to the outside of the two ridges at your...
  4. JamieGeek

    Charging screens?

    If the car is off....nothing. If the car is on...same thing it does when its on. There are no kW or kWh displays anywhere in the car.
  5. JamieGeek

    Backup start passcode - anyone actually set this up?

    It asks/forces you to setup the backup start code during PAAK setup.
  6. JamieGeek

    How do you remove/hide Apps and Cards?

    I think some cars will "fall off" the recently used list on the bottom after a few days or weeks.
  7. JamieGeek

    Locked out of my Mach E.

    Maybe, maybe not, you'll never know ;) Just happened to try that once on the car and it worked so now I'm stuck ;)
  8. JamieGeek

    Locked out of my Mach E.

    I've had it happen as well. I've found if you press the open button 3-4 times quickly it opens. Not sure if I'm freaking out the car or not but... LOL
  9. JamieGeek

    Toggle Adaptive CC and Auto Hold while driving?

    I don't think either is possible without going through the taps to get to the settings menu on the big screen. I've found auto hold to be a bit jerky but I wonder if that will smooth out as the brakes wear in.
  10. JamieGeek

    Dead Low Voltage Battery (LVB) -- Followed by Stuck in Park

    That is correct: An inverter is DC->AC.
  11. JamieGeek

    Dead Low Voltage Battery (LVB) -- Followed by Stuck in Park

    You can do all the charging setup on the screen in the car. Ford Pass app not required.
  12. JamieGeek

    Thread for Mach Es w/o any problems :)

    Far left button on the steering wheel is on/off.
  13. JamieGeek

    Dead Low Voltage Battery (LVB) -- Followed by Stuck in Park

    I've had my car now for over two weeks. I set it up to charge nightly to 90% (just reduced that to 80% since I don't even need 90% at the moment). Every time I take a drive I plug it back in when I get home. So far: My LVB has been nice and healthy with no issues Right at my night time start...
  14. JamieGeek

    Thread for Mach Es w/o any problems :)

    - Turn fan speed down, at the bottom is an "Off" button - Turn off cruise control
  15. JamieGeek

    Frunk / Remote Start Questions (Answered)

    Just the app.
  16. JamieGeek

    Any 5ft tall MME drivers out there?

    My wife is 5ft and she didn't have any issues driving it--although she's only driven it once.
  17. JamieGeek

    What is missing..

    I know there are a couple of other threads touching on this topic, but I wanted to start one soley for these items. (Other threads:
  18. JamieGeek

    First Mach-E dyno test results: 375 hp / 409 ft-lbs torque

    Wouldn't that be what the GT is for?
  19. JamieGeek

    Interior dimension request - from my 6 year old

    She might be able to tilt the short seat forward and get back that way.