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  1. SnBGC

    Recirculating air turning off

    Happened to me once. Selected recirculation and a few moments later it unelected itself. I touched that icon again and it stayed the second time. I also noticed a weird glitch in the heated steering wheel graphic. When activated the wheel pictogram changes to red and the little 'on' light...
  2. SnBGC

    What's the trick to get the pony puddle lights to come one?

    That is the case for me. I use the fob. All I have to do is walk away from the car far enough for it to lock and fold the mirrors and then walk back towards the car. Once in range to detect the fob the projector lamps activate. Even during the daytime. The image on the ground gets washed...
  3. SnBGC

    Someone please start a thread with instructions on how to remove the Frunk divider.
  4. SnBGC

    AWD Motor whine

  5. SnBGC

    Strange Blue bar while using NAV

    At the same time the bar appears, there is also a more detailed graphic on the SYNC screen that shows the specific lanes you should be in for the upcoming junction. I agree there should be more detail provided with the blue bar. They could put some text in there that causes you to check the...
  6. SnBGC

    AWD Motor whine

    I can hear the motors wine when accelerating and decelerating. I think it is cool. My previous EV did the same thing. I dont hear anything while stopped except for the HVAC system (sometimes also the A/C compressor) since it can be a bit noisy on a warm day like we had here today....
  7. SnBGC

    Strange Blue bar while using NAV

    It must be confused for some reason. Nearing the end of day 3 and just over 500 miles. Used nav several times. Saw the blue bar many times. In every case, I was on the freeway and exactly 1/2 mile before a junction from one freeway to the next the blue bar would appear. Bar always appears...
  8. SnBGC

    FordPass uses motion data

    I think so. I get that message on FordPass often and I am not in the car. I guess I am a fast mover. :)
  9. SnBGC

    Will the 12V Battery Charge While the High-Voltage Battery is Charging?

    Yep. Both the LVB and HVB are capable of being charged at the same time. 👍
  10. SnBGC

    Recall: 21B02-S1 Software Calibration Update

    No way for you to tell from your settings in the car. The way I am interpreting the information is that some cars had an earlier version of the calibrations installed at the factory by mistake. All other cars had the most current versions installed. So, those affected cars are being...
  11. SnBGC

    Backup start passcode - anyone actually set this up?

    Bummer. I guess I will have to try and set up Paak and hope it works long enough for me to set the start code. Then if successful....I can remove PaaK from my phone?
  12. SnBGC

    Backup start passcode - anyone actually set this up?

    I wasnt planning on using am I screwed? I am hoping I can use my fob because that technology is very dependable and then have the passcodes as a backup plan. My phone has a hard enough time making a phone call some days. Relying on that thing to unlock and start my car never...
  13. SnBGC

    Backup start passcode - anyone actually set this up?

    I can only set the door pillar code to unlock the vehicle and enter. When I try and start the vehicle I get a message that says the key is not present. When I programmed my PIN for the door pillar key pad....I didn't see any place to program another (presumably different code sequence) to...
  14. SnBGC

    For new owners: is it worth it?

    If it's any FE build date was 11/18/20 and it's working great. So, I am not so sure that a later build date is much better than an early one. We all are early builds when you think about it. First year and all.... I say if you can get that GB GE....then go for it.
  15. SnBGC

    Do dealers know delivery ahead of time?

    Yes. And even more amazing......the car arrived on Tuesday. Took delivery yesterday (Wednesday). Drove it all day today. 👍 This coming Saturday is the ETA start date.
  16. SnBGC

    Strange Blue bar while using NAV

    I saw that bar 2 times today while using NAV. In both cases, the bar appeared on the right and preceded a junction in the road. Once I passed the junction, then the bar disappeared. First instance was a left turn. Second was a right turn. I use Nav often......will pay more attention...
  17. SnBGC

    RR FE - POWERTRAIN FAULT AGAIN 2/27 - Ford already had the MME for 9 days, I CAN'T

    Okay thanks. The little car on the upper left corner of the SYNC screen is white during the day but gray in dark mode. I like it in dark mode better. :)
  18. SnBGC

    RR FE - POWERTRAIN FAULT AGAIN 2/27 - Ford already had the MME for 9 days, I CAN'T

    My car has those same screens. I wondered if the little MME was the same color as the car. My car is gray so the little car in the dash matched. Does that car appear in red for a Rapid Red car?