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  1. JellyBelly

    Cleaning the Main Screen

    I could not find any other thread discussing this - unless my search was not adequate. Just about a week with the MME and the main screen has so many finger prints and they are quite visible when the sun hits the screen at an angle. And with the vertical swipes option I can see the swipe marks...
  2. JellyBelly

    Impressions of Mach E Fury

    My Mach Drop RR FE got delivered to the dealer this morning. Needs no nickname but what the heck - will call it Fury. I liked other names but already taken by members here:). By the time they cleaned it up it was late in the day and despite all the upfront info I provided, still spent an...
  3. JellyBelly

    How are you accessing Owners portal

    Hi - Just wanted to find out how folks are accessing their so called owner portal. I see two flavors. (all screenshots using Edge browser as other browsers show me more errors.) 1- go to and log into your account and from there you click Support and Owners. You get to this site...
  4. JellyBelly

    First MMEs arrive in San Diego

    Got info from my dealer this morning that 2 MMEs arrived at the dealership (Encinitas Ford) and that mine is not one of them (I knew that of course). I believe they are customer cars. Not sure they are of members here (would have heard other wise I assume). These are probably one of the first...
  5. JellyBelly

    Ford Charging Network summarized

    With the reviews and experiences coming in from the delivered cars recently, more questions on the Ford Charging Network have come up as well. From what I understand, following is a summary of the this network. In the USA, access to the Ford Charging Network is via Ford Pass App. Ford PAss...
  6. JellyBelly

    12V Battery backup question

    I know this has been discussed in the past but posting again to see what others are planning (if anything ) to do. I was thinking of getting a small charging pack to jump the frunk and the 12V battery, and keep it in the trunk or glove box. But if the 12V battery dies when it is parked and...
  7. JellyBelly

    Pics and notes - Mach E at Tuttle Click Capistrano Ford - SoCal

    Had a chance see the Mach E today in person at the road show. They had a Infinite Blue and Rapid Red both Premium with ER, AWD. The IB had black Onyx interior and the Red had the lighter interior. Both were indoors , so hard to tell how the IB looks in sun light. I showed up at 11.45 for 12...
  8. JellyBelly

    Hyundai Genesis EV