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  1. Mach Dad

    Bronco delayed by COVID

    I've seen that dealers are getting deliveries already. They are on track still.
  2. Mach Dad

    GT specs back up on ford site

    A lot of what is shown hasn't changed much. They do have more detail with some of the features. No price change as of yet, and nothing added as standard that wasn't before. I was hoping if they didn't change the price it would be because they added more features as standard. I will be...
  3. Mach Dad

    Ford Auto Nights: A SEMA Show Special

    I also watched the Bronco SEMA Q/A and it only got to around 250. That seemed way too low too. Wonder what the deal was.
  4. Mach Dad

    Ford Range Increase Coming?

    My wife has been a big stickler on the size issue with our kids. So part of the reason I'm happy to wait on the GT is that we will surely get to see and test drive a Mach E before having to order it. I like your 5 reasons listed. I'd probably swap out the word Price for Value... just to make...
  5. Mach Dad

    Ford Range Increase Coming?

    I'm wondering about the width still. We've got 3 kids. 2 still need to be in car seat/booster. Those darn things take up so much room. I like that the back seats are a flat bench in the Mach E. Our current car pushes the car seat away from the door 6+ inches because of the seat shape. Any idea...
  6. Mach Dad

    Newest look at Mach-E GT

    I saw this picture on Fords Instagram and it really looks great. The delays are a bummer, yet I'm still holding out for the GT.
  7. Mach Dad

    Mach-E Web Series - Part 1: Designing the new Mustang

    I appreciate this being posted. We had soccer with the kids tonight.
  8. Mach Dad

    2021 Mach-E X-Plan Pricing Released

    I've bought Fords many times. They have a variety of incentives they might offer. If you look at other current vehicles you can see some examples. That $1000 offer appears to require you to finance via Ford Credit. Can't use your own credit source (credit union, bank, etc) If you cant qualify...
  9. Mach Dad

    2021 Mach-E X-Plan Pricing Released

    The NET Plan Price isn't calculating correctly here. I clicked on the GT and it gave me the correct NET Plan price.
  10. Mach Dad

    Too early to reserve? (Mach E wanted 7/2021)

    Based on the fact they have moved the delivery date expectation to late summer, and you would be presumably behind anyone else whose already reserved the GT you wouldn't likely get it until late 2021. However Ford has never given any indication on how many reservations or orders have been...
  11. Mach Dad

    Mach-E 1400 Prototype Revealed with 1400 Peak Horsepower

    This is a fun video/project. I'm really impressed with just how different the Mach E looks all dressed up. Really see some potential in making it [email protected]
  12. Mach Dad

    Ford Performance Teases RTR Mach-E Mustang Collaboration, Reveal Coming 7/21

    Ford appears to be teasing an upcoming reveal on 7/21 for the Mach E. Got some of their Ford Ambassadors involved. Updated with more details from Vaughn Gittin Jr.
  13. Mach Dad

    Premium vs GT Finance Rate

    Where are you seeing finance rates for the GT? We can't order one yet so I'm not sure I'd consider anything set in stone.
  14. Mach Dad

    Nice view of the Mach-E GT interior

    I just went back onto the ford site for the Mach E and the spec list comparison chart has had the GT column wiped clean. Hadn't known that till your comment. I also hadnt realized they had 2 interiors for the GT. I always thought it was just one interior option, but I could see the performance...
  15. Mach Dad

    Nice view of the Mach-E GT interior

    I believe the interior for the GT will have Copper piping. I think only the FE had the matching stitching.
  16. Mach Dad

    Mach-E Merchandise / Apparel?

    So I know this stuff exists, but I havent seen it sold anywhere. This was apparently some apparel given to supplier reps. I had hoped to get something and make a video on it, then Covid hit.
  17. Mach Dad

    Anyone changed dealers on their reservation?

    This is true. A Dealer cant stack ADM on a AXZ plan. Also true is that some of the fees/delivery costs are waived or set at a specific amount.
  18. Mach Dad

    2021 Mach-E Mustang Order Guide

    I've been working on a video about efficiency, and comparing it to other EVs. If this is true the MME jumps up the list by quite a bit. I wonder if we will know before hand whether the range is based on usable battery or the entire battery capacity.
  19. Mach Dad

    Breaking: 2021 Mach-E Specs Increased Across The Board (HP, LB-FT, KW)!

    Can you whisper it into my ear. I wont make a video about it 😁 I promise.
  20. Mach Dad


    There is a good chance we go with the Cyber Orange over the Grabber Blue. My wife loves most things Orange, and Im liking it. I think it will be the most unique of the colors, mostly because it (and whatever Dark Matter is) will be the only exclusives for any of the MMEs.