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  1. I just got "The CALL!"

    Your Missing "KEVIN"
  2. Range anxiety after two days of driving

    What is the difference between what you see when you fill an ICE vehicle with gas telling showing you can go 430 miles on a Full Tank when we all know that is absolutely wrong unless you have a hybrid vehicle. The EV do the exact same thing but their max range is about half what a ICE vehicle...
  3. Received Delay Email After Delivery of My Mach-E

    Think of it as a legal issue. Technically you have a signed contract that the car is your so you do not have to return it. Ford knew about what bins were effected and should have sent notifications out. So technically Ford or dealer can not force you to return the car. They will have a hard...
  4. Thanks to my son...I have (we have!) a Mach-E after just 24 hours and 800 miles

    This is the most car sale efficiency story yet. Everyone else been waiting 6+ months or more. Here him and his son found a car purchased online no hassle picked up and left dealership all in same day. This story is exciting for them but sure upsetting to others but great story and congrats we...
  5. Ford Mach-E Bezel Diagnostics - Demo

    I think this should not have been published. Now Ford going to have a bunch of screen issues they they going to have to reset back to factory for the people who do not know or understand what this can do to your car. But gl and have fun all lol
  6. How to Enable Plug & Charge in 7 Steps

    Well if I remember correctly Hybrid is a Ford Employee but I could be wrong so if he is then technically Ford is providing the needed instructions lol
  7. Shadow has arrived!

    says First Edition on door plate, red stiching on seats. But overall the FE and the RT1 are Premium models just with dual motor and upgraded performance.
  8. Shadow has arrived!

    Think someone calling in sick from work tomorrow or saying they working from home but will be on the roads all day.
  9. First OTA update coming soon for Mach-E

    I not complaining even though I only have .8 shares of Tesla stock but it is getting close to the 1k mark again lol.
  10. Dealer Pre-Delivery Checklist for the Mach-E

    I think you are correct. However, I am hoping here in California they do not install it. Luckily it is not a really regulated law to have it on but it is required but never enforced at least in my experience so far.
  11. Mach-E by Motion R Design: body kit, front lip, fender flares, spoiler, wheels, drop, mods

    You will probably have to order from the Chinese parts list to probably get it or find it on ebay and order it that way.
  12. Mach-E by Motion R Design: body kit, front lip, fender flares, spoiler, wheels, drop, mods

    I do not think that is a render I think that is a pre production MME that Ford let an after market distributor use to create the modifications for them.
  13. A video look at underside / undercarriage of the Mach-E

    Most people who have the cars were press or it could be a dealer car and the dealers internet sales manager who has a youtube channel showcasing new vehicles. I know a lot of youtuber put the car on lifts to show people what the undercarriage is like and how well the car was put together. Hell...
  14. Will The Next-Gen Ford Mustang Be Fully-Electric?

    This is just pure speculation on my part and my brothers. But he told me he heard that Ford is stopping making all cars except Mustang. Also they will be Branding the Mustang out as its own Brand like the Genesis did. So Ford will only be selling trucks and SUVs. Then Mustang will focus on you...
  15. Found an interesting "Delivered" car today (1/18) in Missouri

    Should put a disclaimer on it saying if seal is broken warranty is void Lol
  16. Stupid questions from EV newbie

    you need take into count that 1. If you don’t plug car in it looses say 2 -3% charge each day just sitting. Reason is even though car is just sitting the car still in running behind scenes in something like standby mode or auxiliary mode so it can still keep batteries at ideal temps. Then shuts...
  17. Ford sends mass Mach-E delivery delay emails [Updated with Ford's response]

    You could be correct because don't the customer vehicles have to get crash tested before the sale of them. Which is usually done months in advance but the results are later released usually right before they go on sale but maybe im just guessing. But do hope all get their vehicles sooner than...
  18. Ford sends mass Mach-E delivery delay emails [Updated with Ford's response]

    I do not think its a software update issue as once the factory clears the settings out Ford does not have control over them to start the updates. Well they can but they will have to go into each vehicles computer and start the update process I really think it has to do with the earnings call in...
  19. Ford sends mass Mach-E delivery delay emails [Updated with Ford's response]

    Maybe has to do with earnings call in couple of weeks to boost the stock prices so they can say they are delivering a mass amount of Mach-E on the earnings call on 2/4/21
  20. Ford sends mass Mach-E delivery delay emails [Updated with Ford's response]

    @Tsand4 love the destination name on your order (Destination Speedway) lol Let us know what those lap times are lol Dealer just wants to break it in for you so you do not have to.