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  1. TheSteelRider

    Purchasing and Programming another FOB

    No offense, but I find that very difficult to believe. We have forum members going on a month after purchase and none of them have reported this information and none have reported getting a FOB in the mail. We also have evidence from Ford corporate that 1 FOB is intentional. Now, that said...
  2. TheSteelRider

    Battery State of Charge When Mach-E Leaves the Factory

    Mine was a month and 5 days in transit, and I went to the dealer when it was dropped off. Arrived with 94% charge
  3. TheSteelRider

    Thread for people who haven't gotten their Mach-E's yet to be grumpy in

    Guess what arrived at my dealer this evening !!! Scheduled to take delivery on Monday, so my grumpiness ends soon.
  4. TheSteelRider

    My Mach-E may have a first! Flat tire...
  5. TheSteelRider

    10 days early

    ALL Mach E's go to Kansas City, then are routed to destinations from there. CA >>> TX from KC. You can catch up in this thread --
  6. TheSteelRider

    10 days early

    Very strange .. it's like, the cars that have to travel the most miles (CA or FL) are getting delivered early (sometimes very early) and cars that have to travel a couple hundred miles (TX) are getting delivered late (sometimes very late). Shipping logistics are confusing! Congrats though...
  7. TheSteelRider

    Locked out of my Mach E.

    Well, since the car has a coil whine (, then clearly its design was based off a CRT television. So, the next time you are locked out, either adjust the rabbit ears or give the door a few bangs of your fist, it'll open...
  8. TheSteelRider

    Inadvertently Poached Pre-Order

    You sure you ordered a Mach E and not a C8 Corvette?
  9. TheSteelRider

    Insight into why the Mach-E battery charge strategy is so conservative

    Here is the original article on Reuters, which will work if you are using a DNS filtering service (such as Pi Hole): Hyundai Motor to replace battery systems in $900 million electric car recall By Heekyong Yang, Joyce Lee 3 MIN READ SEOUL...
  10. TheSteelRider

    Thread for people who haven't gotten their Mach-E's yet to be grumpy in

    But clearly not "today" :) Another day of silence from my dealer, think he ghosted me. Today is day 6 past my ETA date :(. Meanwhile, my extra FOB and cargo liner have come in, and my Juicebox is mounted and connected to my WiFi. So, I have a charger to charge a car that I don't own. I have...
  11. TheSteelRider

    Thread for people who haven't gotten their Mach-E's yet to be grumpy in

    This gives me hope that I will eventually maybe get my car one day. Hopefully.
  12. TheSteelRider

    Dash Cams

    FYI -- you can buy a couple of accessories to help prevent this : (1) DC adapter (e.g., cigarette lighter); if the port in the Mach E is turned off when the ignition is off, this is an option (ex. read this post --...
  13. TheSteelRider

    Thread for people who haven't gotten their Mach-E's yet to be grumpy in

    Still no update for me as of today ... :(
  14. TheSteelRider

    “Electrical system drain” message in FordPass app

    Interesting, did you get enough detail to know whether the update was the same as this one? (I assume it's the same)
  15. TheSteelRider

    High-pitched "Electrical Whine"

    PLEASE complain about it to your dealer. Even if there is nothing they can do, at least Ford corporate will be made aware. If enough people report it, they PLEASE report it to your dealer so Ford corporate will know about your issue. If Ford doesn't know how many are affected, they might not...
  16. TheSteelRider

    Dash Cams

    These? They are just normal Thinkware
  17. TheSteelRider

    Dash Cams

    Same. I have the Blackvue DR750-2ch. It already saved us once after a DUI rear ended us. I have one on order for my MME. I selft-installed my current one with a Black Magic and plan to do the same in the MME
  18. TheSteelRider

    Purchasing and Programming another FOB

    Picked up my FOB today. Whilst I was there I inquired about my Stang which is now several days past due, but "the person who can look up the status" wasn't there. I did not attempt to even push anyone else. If/when my car does arrive, I'll post the results.
  19. TheSteelRider

    Received a Mach-E First Edition surprise gift! 3D printed fractal pony with VIN display.

    Ford Performance? Probably a diesel tune chip for your Mach E?
  20. TheSteelRider

    Mach-E First Edition - First Impressions on 300 mile road trip.

    Texas - Toll Road 130 is 80 MPH on the North side of Austin, and 85 MPH in the South side of Austin.