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  1. timbop

    We just got screwed by New Jersey

    I brought a printout of the page from NJ; they accepted that as legit and removed the sales tax. Haven't heard anything since I filed my paperwork on the 19th
  2. timbop

    🗺 Ongoing Trip Journal: Driving Mach-E From Bakersfield, California to Houston, Texas

    Gas is creeping back up to $3/gal, so let's assume by the time everyone starts really road tripping that's where it will be. So the cost per mile for ICE comes to: @ 25mpg: $.12 per mile @ 30 mpg: $.10 per mile @ 40 mpg: $.075 per mile Assuming you road trip with the EA pass+ rate (either ford...
  3. timbop

    Ford Options... How Much Is It Really Going To Cost Me???

    Ford options isn't really a lease, it essentially is a finance contract with a guaranteed selling price at the end of the term. If that guaranteed price turns out to be too low you can still extract that additional equity by trading it in on another Ford or buying the car and selling it or...
  4. timbop

    Stupid questions

    Sure, I can see that being frustrating - but it's a little bit different with a brand new car whose badge is completely contradictory with what that badge meant for 55 years. I've been on the other side. My dad was a civilian employee of the army in the late 60's into the late 70's. We were...
  5. timbop

    Why the Mustang Mach E is better than the Tesla Model Y

    The point of the 200k cap is to help subsidize the development of desirable BEVs. That allowed Chevy and Tesla to indirectly get back some of their R&D costs (they charged more than they would have for the cars), while still allowing others to enter the BEV market the same way. What you propose...
  6. timbop

    Submit Your FordPass App Feedback to Ford

    Also confirmed this morning that "next turn" directions from Waze are displayed on the driver display over AA.
  7. timbop

    [3rd Update] Wind noise from panoramic roof

    Before macgyvering your own solution, I would wait and see what Ford does about it.
  8. timbop

    Understanding Real World Estimated Range

    The best way to get a true reading on range is to multiply the reported mi/kwh for your driving by 88 * charge%. The range estimator (aka "guess-o-meter") is clearly being very conservative, presumably intentionally until it learns your driving habits. This has been noted in many threads at this...
  9. timbop

    Stupid questions

    Completely agree. It's a new car with limited advertising. No need to be smug when people who haven't been on this forum for a year and don't read auto blogs know little to nothing about the Mach E. Being outraged is a little bit ... outrageous.
  10. timbop

    Very serious issue

    pressing "ignore" on this thread... 😜
  11. timbop

    Ford Options... How Much Is It Really Going To Cost Me???

    Whoops, sorry. In NJ BEV's are exempt so it was correct for me. I guess reduce the downpayment you enter by the sales tax amount.
  12. timbop

    Submit Your FordPass App Feedback to Ford

    Now that google fixed android auto (fix came out a couple of days ago), it seems to work really well. Haven't had a change to play with everything, but the apps seem to work really well.
  13. timbop

    Ford Options... How Much Is It Really Going To Cost Me???

    You can go to> mach-e -> configure as if you're going to place an order. After you pick the battery and color, there's a calculator in the upper right corner. In there you can play with the downpayment, 36/48 term, miles, etc and figure out your payment within $10. That will not...
  14. timbop

    What do I call this thing?? =)

    Just say "the red crossover"
  15. timbop

    Cutoff date for software update

    After the car is delivered, the tracking link won't work anymore
  16. timbop

    Insight into why the Mach-E battery charge strategy is so conservative

    Yes, the bolt was fantastic and ahead of its time. They've done very little with the platform since its debut 5 years ago. It will continue to be their "mainstream" BEV for the next couple of years, and it is not competitive without massive discounts. The lyriq is a luxury car that will be...
  17. timbop

    All things NJ Deliveries

    If you ordered your Mach E BEFORE 12/15/20 and receive it by 3/15/21, you can still file for the $5000 NJ BEV rebate. I'm still not convinced I'll get it, but I filed last week and should find out by the end of next week if I was approved.
  18. timbop

    Android Auto wireless

    I got an AA update a couple days ago, so it makes sense. I played with it for a half hour today and it worked perfectly - waze and podcast addict worked just fine.
  19. timbop

    What's the trick to get the pony puddle lights to come one?

    you are not alone. Android PAAK doesn't work reliably yet. I feel like I've already said that 3 times in this thread.
  20. timbop

    What's the trick to get the pony puddle lights to come one?

    Your iphones work, but PAAK on android isn't fully baked yet. Using the fob with mirrors set to fold shows me the ponies all the time, too.