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  1. Build date

    Not that anyone cares as much as me. But in case it’s useful for projecting others... I GOT A BUILD DATE! Premium ER. Feb 15 21. Think I ordered in July.
  2. No cigarette lighter but a plug instead?

    This may be an ignorant question. Could also be UK/US language barrier. I originally planned to buy something like this for normal outlet needs (e.g. plugging in laptop) But when I checked...
  3. Did anyone watch the Mach-E webex?

    I missed it because of a pesky thing called work. Anything interesting? Anyone record it?
  4. Power folding vs automatic folding

    Apologies if this is a dumb question. In the order guide most models reference “power-folding mirrors“ My question is does this equate to automatically folding mirrors? I.e they fold inwards when parked? I would assume not since there’s so many photos with it parked and mirrors stick out but...
  5. Brake Caliper Covers

    I like the red brake calipers on the GT but it wouldn't go with my color choice. I know the history of why red and the thoughts on color matching vs contrast but I just don't think red and infinite blue look good together (maybe why it's not a GT color option haha). So I was exploring my options...
  6. Finally changing my order

    I want to switch from AWD SR to AWD ER.
  7. Anyone notice the new financing calculator on Mach-E reservation page?

    Could be old news but I swear there wasn't this calculator before (?) Obviously all subject to change but looks like it's taking the actual MME prices in automatically.
  8. Should I reserve a Mach-E now if I want the car in late 2021?

    Hello all! Long time reader first time poster. Couldn’t be more excited for this car but I’m confused by the reports of it nearly being ‘sold out’. Per the source posted below; “According to reports from the Mach-E forum, Ford now has more than 40,000 reservations for the 2021 Ford Mustang...