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  1. The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    My dealership contact, the one that entered my order before I submitted it online, acts like any info in the VV report is top secret. I emailed him asking if he could check my car's VV report and send me a copy of it. All I got back was "Our system shows it in transit from Mexico". Well, duh, I...
  2. What are you gonna name yours?

    Mine will be called My Car as opposed to My Wife's Car. :p
  3. The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    I hope my 2/10 car is on that train car too! 🤞
  4. Finally!!

    The color of the wheels goes well with color of the car. Looks nice with all the black accents.
  5. The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    Thanks for this update! Sure wish KCS had a tracking site we could use to see our cars.
  6. The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    I'm in the same boat with you, 2/10 ship date but still doesn't show it arriving in KC.
  7. Are rear seats supposed to have ambient lighting too?

    Mine too! Mine has lighted door jambs in the front that say EDGE.
  8. The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    My understanding, and take this with a grain of salt, is that the car arrived in KC from Mexico and was unloaded and then reloaded on another rail car fo its next destination.
  9. The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    The 2/10 was my production date, their's was 1/28. :)
  10. The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    Just as an example, my dealer has a car coming that has a production date of 11/28, a ship date of 1/28 with an ETA of 3/15. I just checked and this is what shows on So, roughly 21 days to show up in KC and then loaded up for its next destination. My ship date was 2/10 so it's...
  11. Impressions of Mach E Fury

    My wife's 2017 CX5 Grand Touring has that type of wheel well lining. I thought it was odd too but haven't noticed any wear to it yet.
  12. Ford Connected Charge Station Stop Sell Order

    That's what I have and have had no problems either. Of course that could be because I don't have my Mache-E yet! :p Sorry, I couldn't resist. 😁
  13. Alert regarding the Federal Tax Credit of up to $7,500

    Sold some stock and pulling money out of an IRA, figure it should even out. ;)
  14. Anyone in South Carolina?

    Just checked this thread for the first time. I'm awaiting my Rapid Red Premium here in North Myrtle Beach. According to Ford it was built on 2/10 and is in transit but hasn't shown up on yet but it appears to be coming through Jacksonville, FL.
  15. Has anyone gotten this comment.....

    Ahhhh, now it makes sense. 🤣
  16. The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    So it will probably be unloaded from one train car to another in KC (unless they group enough Jax bound cars together) and then, probably, loaded on a truck to Myrtle Beach, SC. Might be closer to Mar. 28th than the 21st with all that activity. The 21st would be 39 days from my Feb. 10th...
  17. The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    My shows my car's origin as Jacksonville, not Kansas City. Does that mean it's going there by train instead of KC? Have other southeastern buyers seen something similar for their cars? Just curious.
  18. The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    The thing that was odd was the changes to the first graphic. Before it had the built box checked with a 2/10 date and a 2/10 shipped date and an ETA of 3/28. Now it looks like this: Says "In Production". I wonder if it was still waiting to be loaded on the train and was taken back for some kind...
  19. The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    Weird changes in the status of my car today. The "official" vehicle tracker has reverted to this: The forum link shows what has been there for the last 8 or 9 days: Palsapp still shows this: Who knows where it is? 😟