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    Tried to start my MME twice with the Ford Pass App. Apparently when it fails twice you have to start it from the car. The car started just fine and warmed up while I scraped about 6 inches of snow off. Then I noticed all of the errors. Various sensors were not working, AWD was not working...
  2. Day 2 Successes and Opportunities

    So I have had the MachE Premium AWD Ext. Range for 48 hours. I still love it! However, there are some opportunities to improve and I still have a lot to learn. First, I haven’t been able to get my profile to load from FordPass app. The dealer was insistent that you shouldn’t enter it...
  3. Delivery Receipt shows Special Use Contamination Damage

    I am gearing up to take delivery of my Mach E today and noticed that the delivery receipt from the shipping company notes Special Use Contamination Ext Damage > 12". Anyone know what that means? I want to know what I am looking for when I do the inspection.
  4. DELIVERED!!! A long time coming!!

    SOOOO, excited to pick up my MachE tomorrow!!! It went from weeks of nothing happening to everything happening in one day!! Mach E Premium AWD Ext. Range in Rapid Red, Springfield, IL Original reservation: 11/19/19 Order date: 6/27/20 Build Date: 1/8/21 Ship Date: 1/14/21 Arrived in KC...
  5. Will the Mach E use the same chargers as Tesla models?

    Confused about how the charging stations are going to work. Are all of the electric vehicles going to have compatible chargers or is it going to be an Android / Apple situation where you have to have the brand specific charger and charging station for your vehicle?