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  1. Sergeant Gearhead

    Comment by 'Sergeant Gearhead' in item 'FE @ Sunset'

    Dang, man! That color looks soooooo good with the pretty sunset. Good photography! -SG
  2. Sergeant Gearhead

    Rumor: Mini-Mustang-Mach-E will arrive for European market in 2023

    At first, I was excited to hear a smaller, MEB-based Ford was in the works, but after hearing it's going to be another (smaller) Mustang EV SUV, I'm doing a double take. One electric Mustang crossover is enough, thank you. Guess I should be glad there's no plans for it coming here... -SG (EDIT...
  3. Sergeant Gearhead

    I'm going to pick up my MME tomorrow

    Congratulations! -SG
  4. Sergeant Gearhead

    Comment by 'Sergeant Gearhead' in item 'My Baby'

    A true classic, I love it! How original is this car after it was restored? -SG
  5. Sergeant Gearhead

    New Commercials: MACH-E vs Gravity, Lightning, Rocket Science, Pit Crew, DNA

    My comment after the Mach-E avoided getting crushed by the chandelier:
  6. Sergeant Gearhead

    It is here: Rapid Red Premium AWD ER!

    The weather isn't too good here in Missouri, either. We're expected to get it pretty bad throughout this week and we've already had snow dumped on us multiple times as well. 🥶🥶🥶 -SG
  7. Sergeant Gearhead

    It is here: Rapid Red Premium AWD ER!

    Great choice! I think the configuration, trim, and color that you ordered either this or the more aggressive GT Performance Edition is my favorite Mach-E (though I would probably go with black seats since they'd hide their age better). I hope you enjoy your new electric car! -SG
  8. Sergeant Gearhead

    Cyber Orange Mach-E GT spotted

    Looking sharp indeed! :) -SG
  9. Sergeant Gearhead

    Throttle House Mach-E Review

    All credit and thank-yous go to Throttle House for this video. Enjoy! :)
  10. Sergeant Gearhead

    Comment by 'Sergeant Gearhead' in item 'Not time travel equipt'

    You are SO lucky! I LOVE DeLoreans!
  11. Sergeant Gearhead

    Mach-E GT Performance Edition prototype in US! (pic by engineer)

    So is Dark Matter Gray specific to the GT?
  12. Sergeant Gearhead

    A Tesla Owner Walks Into The Mach-E Forum...

    Welcome to the family! Nice choice with the Tesla Model 3. That's my personal favorite when it comes to Teslas. How's the range for both your Model 3 and your Model Y?
  13. Sergeant Gearhead

    2021 Mach-E Premium AWD Road Test Review | The Cayenne of Mustangs [Autoblog]

    Good review! Iconic Silver looks pretty good on the Mach-E. Either this, Rapid Red, Shadow Black, or Infinite Blue might be my favorite.
  14. Sergeant Gearhead

    Mach-E wins North American Utility Vehicle of the Year

    It's good to know that Ford's electric SUV is getting lots of awards right out of the gate. And to think what Ford would've done instead.
  15. Sergeant Gearhead

    Why the Mustang Mach E is better than the Tesla Model Y

    Don't forget that massive volume knob on the center screen. Also, there's that little driver information screen behind the steering wheel. Tesla can't say the same for either feature with their minimalist interiors in the Model 3 and Y.