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  1. buffasnow

    Test Drivers/Owners - Acceleration Impressions

    I have no thunk and no delay. I don't care enough about the time to measure it, but the acceleration seems immediate. Are you talking about turbo lag-type delay? That definitely sounds like something I would take to the dealer.
  2. buffasnow

    Alex on Autos: 10 "Problems" of the Mach-E

    I don't know about idiotic, but I think the complaint should be with the entity that is plainly fudging the numbers rather than the one that is less glamorous but seems pretty truthful. It would be ideal if there was a consensus EPA test or series of tests that allowed apples-to-apples...
  3. buffasnow

    The Volkswagen ID.4 Is A Disappointing Electric Car (For Now)

    <snark> Yeah, it's not like Plug & Charge needs to work perfectly for everyone at launch. Or afterward. ;)
  4. buffasnow

    Anyone having trouble finding dealer service who bought elsewhere?

    It is tougher than just asking around in this case since you want EV competency, which no Ford dealer is going to have much of at this point. That may get better if people post positive/negative info here over the coming months regarding dealers local to you. I guess my feeling would be that...
  5. buffasnow

    My first EV.

    Looks like something from a low budget sci-fi movie like Logan's Run. :)
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    How to - remove front license plate bracket

    Just dropped mine for PPF and asked that they remove the bracket & replace after XPEL is on. They said fine, they would remove and re-rivet, no problem. Now that the damage is done, I want the bracket reinstalled and the holes covered up. The no-holes-in-my-bumper ship has sailed.
  7. buffasnow

    Purchasing and Programming another FOB

    I used coupon code savings12 to save $82.15 shipped (standard $2.99 shipping).
  8. buffasnow

    VIDEOS Compilation: Mach-E First Drive Reviews

    Good thing Bilbo here is not responsible for transportation policy development, eh?
  9. buffasnow

    X-Plan calculation?

    Take 98% of MSRP and add $275. Count the battery and AWD, don't count the floor mats.
  10. buffasnow

    Ford Options is a a cluster...

    Yes, the thread title refers to options, but in this forum, we know that all bets are off for any subsequent posts, right? ;) In this case, though, hybrid was responding to a direct question about RCL and the tax credit. OK, back to the melee....... 😁
  11. buffasnow

    Ford Options is a a cluster...

    Um, RCL = Red Carpet Lease.
  12. buffasnow

    Ford Options... How Much Is It Really Going To Cost Me???

    Even if it costs a bit more for Options over the term/mileage you choose, if you have a horrible experience and want to get out from under the car in 3 or 4 years, Options gives you the ability to just walk away owing nothing rather than sell for the best offer you can get from Carmax or a...
  13. buffasnow

    Why Ford Options, will the GTs make the EV Credit and NOVA car buying experiences

    1. You may have misspoke, but Options is not a lease, you are purchasing the car. It just smells like a lease. 2. How much you pay in residual as your final Options payment depends on what term/mileage you choose. There are many examples of how this works in previous Options threads. You can...
  14. buffasnow

    Cost of Charger Installation by Electrician

    I used a reputable outfit so I am pretty certain the work was done properly, but I had them get a permit anyway. Some folks mentioned insurance perhaps having issues with unpermitted electrical work should there be some question about after a future it seemed prudent to go ahead...
  15. buffasnow

    Difficult Test drive experience

    Ford should not tolerate racism on the part of any dealer. They should be looking into this incident. Dealers who lament about the "Tesla model" of sales destroying the dealership model need to do a little self reflection and think about why so many consumers *hate* the dealership model...
  16. buffasnow

    Thread for people who haven't gotten their Mach-E's yet to be grumpy in

    At least your MME-related grumpiness...... ;)
  17. buffasnow

    First Edition Owners: Did Dealer Accept X-Plan on your FE?

    My invoice says MSRP=59,400, X Plan=58,487. This is 98% +$275. I don't believe the 4% off is correct for MME, it is 2%. May be 4% for other vehicles?
  18. buffasnow

    Backup start passcode - anyone actually set this up?

    I am sure that Ford is working diligently on PAAK, and that it will get better. However, the way I would prefer they handled this was to give us 2 keys now and make PAAK so reliable and compelling across the lineup that people stopped using the fobs. That would be the time to drop down to a...
  19. buffasnow

    Horrible Experience at Ford Dealer- Is Tesla’s Non-Dealer Model Better?

    I have a pic from my sales guy of my FE invoice with X-Plan price highlighted. Car arrived today, should pick up tmrw or Sat AM. If it works for me, I can DM you a pic just like I did for Maric. Don't know why this is such an issue all of a sudden - maybe all the Drops are being delivered in...