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  1. I'm going to pick up my MME tomorrow

    FOUR HOURS? :oops: Let's compare that to the Telsa model of self-service car purchase. :) You will be asked to wrap up in 5 minutes, unless there is some volunteer shareholder to show you stuff.
  2. Sergio's Pacific to Atlantic cross-country trip in Mach-E First Edition

    Not that strange. There are already many studies and articles showing that Tesla's EPA range claims are exaggerated, or at least optimistic. In the real life highway range tests, where it matters most, Tesla cars perform worst (as % of EPA range achieved) compared to any other EV.
  3. Difficult Test drive experience

    Sorry to hear about your experience! Is this the same dealership where your ordered car is coming? If not, I can see why they weren't interested in spending their employee time giving you a test ride with nothing in it for them. A 3rd scenario if you may.
  4. Do I win a forum award for the first Mach-E accident?

    Sorry for your loss. But glad to know that everyone including the deer is ok! BTW, s the Mach-e body aluminium or iron?
  5. Another road trip post, Mach-E range over a 600 mile california trip

    140 kW is pretty impressive! I've been mostly hearing up to around 100 kW. Must be the good weather in Cali that did the trick! Thanks for your review and enjoy your new ride.:)
  6. I'm going to pick up my MME tomorrow

    Grass is always greener on the other side. :) If it was Tesla, the Mach-e would be marked up by $5000. The price manipulation will be from the company instead of a dealer. Recall the fiasco with the first Model 3 deliveries? Tesla delivered a large number of cars to people who were waiting for...
  7. TIFU my reservation

    That was my thought too. That kind of chat with half-words doesn't prove what parties were involved in the conversation. It could be just a chat between two teens. A member who joined in August but has just 2 posts isn't much of a fan of Mach-e. I am not saying the OP is, but he sure sounds...
  8. Alex on Autos got his Mach-E

    Because the CA rebate comes from CARB. But he says $4100 incentive is from the dealer. That's why I doubt if the $4100 incentives from the dealer include the CARB rebate. But of course, I am not certain. Let's hope someone asks him for details and he answers.
  9. So many issues with Mach-E? A bit disappointed!

    Just curious. Are people in moderate weather as in California also having the 12V battery issue? Or is it only happening in the regions hit by the Arctic cold front? Battery power being reduced due to extreme cold is quite common. I haven't read all 15 pages. Has Ford said anything on when it...
  10. Alex on Autos got his Mach-E

    I doubt he included the California rebate. I think he said, the dealer had a discount of $4100. It's interesting that for the extended range, dual motors premium model, his price is $31k while Model Y SR is $42k! How do their ranges compare? Is Model Y SR dual motors? Also, does Ford include...
  11. HELP! Touch Screen went BLACK! [SOLVED!]

    @capt_jak_harkness Very glad to see a suggestion from a forum member fix your problem! Hope Ford will put that in the manual. With these consoles loading complex programs, I'm afraid these problems will be quite common and people aren't going to look in the forums to fix them. You say it is not...
  12. January 2021 Mach-E U.S. Sales and Production Stats: 238 / 4,250

    I see hundreds of MMEs listed on car sales sites like Either Ford is shipping both customer ordered and inventory cars to dealers. Or dealers placed a few orders of their own to begin with. Either way, it doesn't look like all are customer ordered cars.
  13. Plug & Charge Fail and the 80% Cliff is Real

    Oh, people don't always think rationally! Where I live, people used to go to malls and plug the car to a Tesla charger while they grab a coffee and sit somewhere reading or watching youtube video on the Tesla dashboard! People may be paying $500-700 a month for the lease. But if it is free, it...
  14. Plug & Charge Fail and the 80% Cliff is Real

    This problem is already solved today by adding extra fees to EV registration fees in some states. Granted it doesn't capture the mileage driven. So someday the registration fees may be based on odometer reading to make it fair to those who drive less. EA high rates: I actually support higher...
  15. Edmunds: Mach E vs. Tesla Model Y comparison review

    Yes, it can be done with more complications. First, the experienced drivers have to throw away their years of neuromuscular training and instincts of handling that wheel and re-train their brains. But then they will have difficulty driving any other car. Like when they have to rent a car at a...
  16. Grabber Blue! has finally made it home...sort of.

    Nice pics and hope things sort out soon! Happy to see more and more cars trickling in for the folks waiting for so long. :)
  17. Initial experiences from a new Mach-E owner

    I am still trying to figure out what people do by connecting the car to the home network! Aren't we supposed to be driving when in the car? So why connect to the home network? Is it mainly to download new OTA updates? Or is it to use the Mache dash as a computer while parked at home or something...
  18. Edmunds: Mach E vs. Tesla Model Y comparison review

    I hear the Einstein CEO claims to have saved 50% of the steering wheel cost with this move for a $100k car. What's next? Seats without the back support? I just don't see how it will work for parking maneuvers. But what do I know?
  19. Shadow has arrived!

    @Tsand4, Thanks for the write up and glad you are having fun! Now we need more pictures. :) I will be curious about your fast charging experience at EA stations.
  20. Edmunds: Mach E vs. Tesla Model Y comparison review

    No surprise there! Tesla keeps making optimistic range claims, possibly knowingly. How is this any better than dieselgate or false mpg claims by the ICE car makers? What does surprise me is there is no class action lawsuit on this.