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  1. Home Level 2 Charger Issues

    I will wait for him to respond again but I did mention that on Sunday when we exchanged a few emails. I agree, it has to be something with the voltage on certain MMEs or something with software. Let me see if he responds and then I can send him more info. It would be great if he assigned someone...
  2. Home Level 2 Charger Issues

    Not a bad idea or at least push out a list of known possible bugs and issues. However, if Ford, one of the worlds largest car manufacturers isn't doing this now, some random owner telling the Chief Engineer to do this won't ever happen. But yes, I agree that would be super beneficial. I think...
  3. Home Level 2 Charger Issues

    I just sent Ron Heiser another email stating that we are getting no response from the dealer service departments and the situation is worse when owners feel like Ford is not communicating any updates. At this point, I think we all just want to hear from the Ford Mach-E team what they are doing...
  4. Home Level 2 Charger Issues

    I have never seen that before but you can still plug in and charge on your 110, right?
  5. Home Level 2 Charger Issues

    Crap, there goes my theory of the issue being a single versus three phase issue on some cars. Also, I just installed a new Juice Box Pro 40 and it did NOT work.
  6. Home Level 2 Charger Issues

    Do you know if it’s 3 phase at your office (typical for a business) and single phase at your house (typical for homes)? I am at another Ford dealer and they have an L2 charger on a 240V circuit. Car charges fine. I am beginning to think that the issue is some cars seem not to be able to charge...
  7. Home Level 2 Charger Issues

    Do you know what your voltage is at your office at the 240V outlet (is it also on a 50 amp breaker)? Assuming it is a 240V but curious what the difference can be with voltage or any other variable that can cause the same car to charge at one location but not the other.
  8. Home Level 2 Charger Issues

    When it does not work (with either 240V or 110), lights on the charge port are blue per the charge level. They then turn off after about 30 seconds. My new one is coming today. I have the older one but I am not very hopeful. I will report tonight when I am able to install it and test it...
  9. Home Level 2 Charger Issues

    So today I am now having an issue getting the car to charge from the 110 outlet. After I plugged in the Ford Mobile charger to the charging port, it would not charge on the 110. After an hour, I came back out and it was still not charging. I figured I would turn on the car and that seemed to...
  10. Ford giving Mach-E owners additional 250kWh complimentary DC charging - total 500kWh

    You will need those extra miles because when you get your car, like many of us that have our cars now, won’t charge from a L2 EVSE from a 240V outlet.
  11. Mach-E Issues Compilation List (Wiki)

    So I noticed that my heated steering wheel gets hot for like 10 minutes and then goes back to normal but Sync still shows the heated steering wheel as being on. The manual doesn’t really say how long the steering wheel should stay hot. Is this normal operation or another issue?
  12. Ford giving Mach-E owners additional 250kWh complimentary DC charging - total 500kWh

    I am sorry but seeing Ford take care of people that have not forked over $50-$60K and purchased the car is complete BS. There are many CURRENT owners that can’t drive their car because it’s in the shop since Ford didn’t properly train their dealers on servicing the car. Or people like me that...
  13. Home Level 2 Charger Issues

    Curious, who was the EV charger installer? I am in chicago and had 2 different companies verify my set up.
  14. Home Level 2 Charger Issues

    The list of effected owners is growing. Luckily I don’t drive much so 110 is keeping me afloat but my 240V outlet is getting jealous of the 110 being in action.
  15. Mach-E Issues Compilation List (Wiki)

    I had the same issue. I had to do a full reset and it fixed it. 1)Removed the vehicle from my Ford Pass 2)Removed phone from Sync 3) Remove Profile from car 4)Removed all PAAK keys 5)Rest Ford Pass in the car 6)Master Sync Reset 7)Added new Profile from car (do not do it through the Ford Pass...
  16. Mach-E Issues Compilation List (Wiki)

    How about tone settings?
  17. What happened to my "Add Apps" button?

    Yep. It is a known issue with some current Mach-Es. I can not sit idle so over the weekend I decided to email the Mach-E's Chief Engineer. He actually responded and acknowledge this issue is effecting a small number of owners. Did not seem like they have a 100% fix but we know its not the outlet...
  18. Mach-E Issues Compilation List (Wiki)

    I actually love this alert. I have gotten too many tickets in school zones but at least you can turn it off. Just not logical where the notification switch is located.
  19. What happened to my "Add Apps" button?

    iPace was a train wreck when it came out (and still is). This is 100 times better but nowhere near perfect. It is stable for me and not crashing but just some small annoyances but nothing that deters from the experience. However, I can not charge from my homes 240V outlet and it is looking like...
  20. Mach-E Issues Compilation List (Wiki)

    So fingers crossed, I may have fixed it (for now). It is a bug but this is what I did ..... but not sure you need to go through all of these steps. I also can not charge from a 240V outlet at my house so I was giving it a final shot but these steps ended up fixing my tone settings not staying...