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  1. Ford Offers Early OTA Updates for Select Survey Respondents

    I was going to say... there's no way this is something they'd just let us tweet and post about :P
  2. High-pitched "Electrical Whine"

    I took my Mach-E out for a drive yesterday and I could not focus on much other than the screen whine. I was driving 70 MPH with the radio on, and I could hear that buzz over it all. The volume level I'd have to turn the speakers up to to cover it up would be damaging I suspect. I guess I will...
  3. What was in your glovebox at pickup delivery?

    Mine mailed it to me after sale. Didn't even know I was missing it till I got it in the mail.
  4. Electrify America App Gets Big Update

    I hope they add the ability to use our EA memberships with P&C ASAP.
  5. Electrify America App Gets Big Update

    I suspect the "Enter VIN" is for ID.4 owners to activate their unlimited 3 year free charging (tied to their vehicle) and nothing else at the moment. No VIN I have tried works.
  6. Ride - Solutions?

    I haven't found a stretch of road yet in 400mi in this car that I would call comfortable. Even at 25 mph on freshly paved asphalt, I'm bouncing all around.
  7. Ride - Solutions?

    I definitely don't want to be isolated from the road, that's why I'm complaining about this ride. It is so wiggly and jiggly that I cannot be engaged with the drive due to the bouncing. I like a stiffer feel too, hence why I'm coming out of a Mustang into this "Mustang" but it turns out this...
  8. Ride - Solutions?

    I would prefer a firmer ride actually, if it had less bounce. The ride of mine is not at all Mustang, I LOVED the ride of my Mustang I had before this. Right now it's bouncy and completely uncontrolled, which is not at all Mustang. It's F-150 ride. I feel like I must be driving a different car...
  9. Occupancy Mode Missing

    The Focus Electric and the C-Max Energi both had it if my memory is correct.
  10. Occupancy Mode Missing

    It was the first thing I looked for on the way home from the dealer in mine when I was disappointed by the sound system, and was even more disappointed to find it wasn't there, unlike my Mustang's Shaker Pro system offered. :( Definitely notice its absence here.
  11. Ride - Solutions?

    That's exactly what it reminds me of - my F-150 with nothing in the bed, and how upset the rear end would get on any imperfection. It feels like that "shimmy" the F-150 would do.
  12. Ride - Solutions?

    I'm leaning toward that conclusion. Mine seems far more pronounced than anyone else has reported. It's so unsettled but it also makes so many clunks and I can feel the floor flex underfoot over bumps which nobody else seems to have noticed, makes me think something is definitely wrong. My...
  13. Alex on Autos: 10 "Problems" of the Mach-E

    Yeah, just seems a shame to do so until they've worn out, so I'll be living with the slippery Michelins until then.
  14. (answered)Concern on charging to 100% every charge.

    Nice. Mine... doesn't. Mine says "No Results Found" when I manually search, and when I ask the SYNC voice assistant, it helpfully speaks back to me "No Results Found."
  15. Ride - Solutions?

    Mine's a RWD ER, so a bit more weight overall, but less over the front axle specifically. I wonder if the ride was not tuned for RWDs, it seems like no journalist has been given a RWD even in Europe where I suspect it will be the better seller. Seems like all the journalists everywhere get ER...
  16. Ride - Solutions?

    I guess I could go to another dealer - my dealer was not very receptive to my concerns, other than saying "yeah it's not really a Mustang, is it" and having no other Mach-E for me to test.
  17. Ride - Solutions?

    Honestly I can feel the bumps in my left foot more than the right! The floorboard where I rest my left foot "flexes" like a baking pan under foot over bumps, it's quite unsettling feeling my left foot move on a road that looks visibly smooth (at least by Michigan standards anyway).
  18. Ride - Solutions?

    It's at 39 all round, but I could lower it still.
  19. Alex on Autos: 10 "Problems" of the Mach-E

    My S550 Performance Pack was a grip machine with the factory 255 summer PZeros. Wish we had that option here, I'd have picked it in second.
  20. Ford giving Mach-E owners additional 250kWh complimentary DC charging - total 500kWh

    Who would that be? I'm not following. There is nothing on Earth I have looked forward to more than this car. Maybe I set my expectations too high if that's what you mean. I just thought the pony on the car meant it was going to be like my Mustang, but electric.