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  1. Well It's Been Fun - Ford Just Pulled My Car Back to Factory **UPDATE 3** 3-4-21

    This is true for many companies these days, including my own. They are extremely sensitive and responsive to Twitter complaints because of the visibility. If you've got a beef with an air travel experience, a bank, a major manufacturer - that's where you should go. It irks me a bit because I...
  2. (answered)Concern on charging to 100% every charge.

    I'm not disputing your math, but are we confident that is what Ford is using the actual pack capacity when it recommends only charging to 90%? That seems unlikely to me. For the owner's purposes, the max capacity is 88kWh, so it would seem that Ford is recommending to only charge to 90% of that...
  3. Tesla range explained in several charts

    So that's a very interesting point. Let's unpack that. First, I agree that Superchargers are superior both in number and speed, and will remain so for at least the next few years. If all other things were equal between the Tesla MY and the Ford MME (and they most certainly are not, but let's...
  4. First Edition First Impressions

    Just my personal opinion - unless you want the grabber blue paint, I don't think the FE's other "upgrades" are worth $3,600. I'm sure someone will be hawking their fractal pony on this forum or ebay soon enough if you really want that. Contrast stitching? Matching headliner? I don't get it. If...
  5. What is the Speedway?

    Kansas Speedway is in Wyandotte County, a western suburb of Kansas City. It’s got a lot of cool retail and entertainment nearby, including a massive Cabelas, Nebraska Furniture Mart, and Great Wolf Lodge, the beautiful Legends shopping center, and MLS Sporting Kansas City’s stadium: Children’s...
  6. Ford Options...Penalty for Additional Payments?

    Just ask your local dealer - they have all been trained extensively on Ford Options.
  7. Roof Wind Noise *Fixed*

    Sure. But do you want to take your car to the dealer - probably multiple times - and have your car taken on test drives - probably multiple times - and be told at least once - probably multiple times - that the issue couldn’t be reproduced or that this is normal, and just generally hassle with...
  8. Roof Wind Noise *Fixed*

    Please run your car through a car wash and lemme know how it hold up.
  9. Alex on Autos: 10 "Problems" of the Mach-E

    Yes welcome and I enjoy the videos. But when I saw the title I thought it would be a review of the more serious problems early adopters have been experiencing. None of these ten things seem like a big deal at all by comparison. The coil whine and wind noise, dead batteries, error codes, and...
  10. Test Drivers/Owners - Acceleration Impressions

    I test drove both a MYLR and a MME Ext AWD. The MYLR’s acceleration felt stronger than the MME - but it wasn’t a massive difference to me. Part of it is the MYLR feels lighter, because it is. It was also a bit louder and rougher as a result. You have to decide if want something a bit more...
  11. Test Drivers/Owners - Acceleration Impressions

    Hmmm, I did not experience that delay or thunk during my test drive.
  12. Setting up account for a cancelled-ordered MME bought off the lot?

    You can cancel at any time - you are not committed for a year.
  13. Setting up account for a cancelled-ordered MME bought off the lot?

    Ok, so maybe it's as simple as sitting at the dealership for a bit and plugging VIN into my account and doing the same when I install FordPass? It's interesting to me that with VINs not being private info, this doesn't cause problems. Ford must be doing something on the backend to...
  14. Setting up account for a cancelled-ordered MME bought off the lot?

    Ok, so I can add the VIN to my "garage" in my account. That would be easy enough to do at the dealership. I'm confused about the FordPassCharging Network info. I don't even have FordPass installed on my phone. Wait to do this until I'm at the dealership?
  15. Setting up account for a cancelled-ordered MME bought off the lot?

    Apologies if this info is already out there - I've read through many, many threads and I'm not finding what I want. Most of the info on this forum about setting up things like FordPass, etc. is for people who ordered their MMEs. I am planning to buy a cancelled-order MME off the lot within about...
  16. Ford Options is a a cluster...

    That's $2500 Options Bonus Cash + the $100 ADA Bonus. Lucky you. I'm annoyed certain (my) areas only get a $1,000.
  17. proper way to unplug charger

    Is there anything to prevent strangers from tampering with the charging process? I mean, people could also tamper with a gasoline fuel up, but for charging people often leave their cars unattended for 30mins or so and head into a store, etc. Also, even if I don't have Ford Connected Services...
  18. VIDEOS Compilation: Mach-E First Drive Reviews

    My new favorite.
  19. RR FE - POWERTRAIN FAULT - Making Progress 3/5 - Ford is here for us!!!

    Wow. Only an IT guy... you must really love troubleshooting stuff. In all seriousness, I kinda have to wonder if there's some interference at play. Have you tried disconnecting every device one at a time?
  20. RR FE - POWERTRAIN FAULT - Making Progress 3/5 - Ford is here for us!!!

    There's another guy here who only experiences charging issues when using the mobile charger at his house. His electrical checks out - it really does seem that there are errors that only occur based on location. It is bizarre. Probably best to move?