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  1. Mach-E wrapped in Dark Green Pearl 3M vinyl wrap

    Would you do it again? Will you wrap your Mach-e knowing what you now know?
  2. Roof Wind Noise *Fixed*

    Can this be as simple as it’s hot in Mexico, and it’s cold where you are, and the the glass has shrunk?
  3. Roof Wind Noise *Fixed*

    I agree with this. EVERY time except for once when I took a car back to the dealer about a noise issue, they either cannot find it or make it worse. No matter how good a shop is, they're not going to be able to generate precision better than the factory when reassembling what they had to...
  4. Ford Mach-E Reservation Details Viewer

    On my screen, the Ford page now shows the VIN.[ORDER NO.] I do appreciate the work you put into this though!
  5. Ford Options in Northern Virginia?

    So, the car arrived in Blue when the window sticker even said red?! Wow. I wonder what color mine will arrive in, since I switched from Iconic Silver to Star White.
  6. Ford Options in Northern Virginia?

    ... what color did they give you?
  7. Order Tracking is Broken?

    Window sticker here: [type your VIN at the end]
  8. Track Your Mach-E Order by VIN #

    I don't think it means a thing. I've noticed the tracker doesn't work, or takes a long time to load from time to time. (Keep the page open. Sometimes it will pop up a minute later.)
  9. X-plan changes announced for Mustang Club of America (MCA) members

    Good thing I generated my pin last summer!
  10. Mobile charger cable too short

    Thanks for the reply. I should have been a little more precise: I was wondering about the advantage of evse’s that plug into the NEMA 14-50 outlet over the mobile charger. Are there 40A evse’s that are good? I may upgrade to one in the future if 40A is significantly faster than 32A with my...
  11. Mobile charger cable too short

    Side question: if you have a NEMA 14-50 outlet, what is the benefit gained by using a Chargepoint or Grizzl-E esve over using the Ford mobile charger? also, how long is the charger? I’m installing a NEMA plug near the door of the garage so that I can charge the car either in the garage, or just...
  12. My turn!

    You mean, “Mist-e?” edit: I see I am not the first to come up with this novel name. ;) and if you get a second one, it can have a spouse: Myster-e.
  13. EZ-Pass transponder interference?

    Is there a way to test placement to see if the readers can read it without, you know, stopping traffic?
  14. Anyone had their Mach E parked in an ice storm yet?

    This car was designed in Michigan. I expect it will handle ice well. (Though we get way more ice here in Virginia that we ever did when I lived in Michigan!)
  15. Finally got to test drive the Mach E today!

    I’m quite a fan of the light gray interior. However, I would have preferred a nougat medium brown option to go with a star white exterior.
  16. Noise Level (dBA Decibels) in Mach-E Interior With Comparison to Model Y

    Indeed, it's quiet. Super quiet. CREEPY quiet. On my test drive, I accidentally got over 80 a couple times because the typical ICE sound cues are just completely gone. And this is coming from a rather quiet Audi A4 owner. I may turn on propulsion sounds just to give some more clues that I'm...
  17. TIFU my reservation

    TIL what TIFU means.
  18. Alex on Autos got his Mach-E

    Damn! That is way more than what I will be able to get in Virginia! :(
  19. EZ-Pass transponder interference?

    unfortunately, it's a fat brick. I have spraypainted mine black so make it less fugly. Nice. Well done!! I feel so much better now.
  20. Brake Caliper Covers

    Yeah, you can’t do blue on IB. Red is an obvious choice. I also think yellow and orange would look stunning, being opposite the color wheel from Blue.