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  1. BillK

    Anyone underwhelmed by B&O system...

    Yes, actually I do mean that. In very many cases the wave of corporate mergers and acquisitions that accelerated after 2008 has diluted the identity of the acquired companies. Look no further than the Jeep Renegade to see an example in the automotive world. From Craftsman tools to Whirlpool...
  2. BillK

    Mach-E Steals Major Tesla EV Share in February

    In truth most people would be fine with a Gen 1 Nissan LEAF for their daily commute. USDOT says the average commute round trip is about 50 miles. Sure, many people drive much further. Once you get used to driving electric you find that you almost never charge to 100%. In fact charging to the top...
  3. BillK

    February 2021 Mach-E U.S. Sales Stats

    Last year Tesla sold about 80,000 Model Ys in the US. Averaged out that is about 6,700/month. Ford delivering more than half that much in its first full month of production is a good sign for the MME being well accepted.
  4. BillK

    So I joined the Mustang Club of America . . .

    I loved my '67 Mustang but there was no hiding the fact it was a 2-door Falcon. Early '70s Mustangs were fat and lazy. in '74 the Mustang II was an obvious Pinto. The mid-'80s Fox body I had briefly was mechanically dreadful. Today's well built rather costly independent rear suspension Mustangs...
  5. BillK


    I think it stands for Earnings. Between Morgan Stanley today and the current price of my long held Ford stock that seems to be about right.
  6. BillK

    Anyone underwhelmed by B&O system...

    This thread got me curious so I did a little looking. B&O isn't what it used to be, at least when it comes to car systems. Back in 2008 the recession hit them hard and they never really recovered. They sold their automotive audio division to Harmon (a good enough name in audio) that is owned...
  7. BillK

    Mach-E Steals Major Tesla EV Share in February

    Great to hear but I would hope the MME and other new EVs entering the market would convert new customers away from driving ICE vehicles rather than cannibalizing sales from existing EV brands.
  8. BillK

    Mirror Tap Instructions for Radar Detector or Dash Cam (Switched 12v) - DIY Writeup

    5A sounds about right for the wire size. Need to be careful adding load to that. Some radar detectors can pull a fair bit on startup and when they signal.
  9. BillK

    Mirror Tap Instructions for Radar Detector or Dash Cam (Switched 12v) - DIY Writeup

    Did you find the fuse size for that circuit?
  10. BillK

    Horrible Experience at Ford Dealer- Is Tesla’s Non-Dealer Model Better?

    This is key to any major purchase. You, the buyer, are the decision maker. At any point you can break off and go elsewhere. Dealers do perform a service for us and reasonably expect compensation for that. Unfortunately even the best dealers usually have cheesy finance departments so I always...
  11. BillK

    How to - Remove Mach-E frunk divider - DIY writeup

    I heard somewhere on YouTube that this useless divider was added because of some US regulation and apparently other countries won't be getting it. Does anyone here know whether this is true and if so what regulation? The frunk does have the emergency escape button so it does seem that Ford's...
  12. BillK

    Difficult Test drive experience

    I would tend to go with "a". I'm white and I see casual racism so often. It's distressing, everywhere, and worth calling out. But there is another possibility. Some years ago I finally made up my mind and went to my nearest Tesla showroom to buy a Model S. I brought a checkbook (to pay full...
  13. BillK

    First Mach-E dyno test results: 375 hp / 409 ft-lbs torque

    I seldom go much over 100mph on public roads. I have, but then I started spending time on race tracks. That recalibrates one's sense of speed. Spinning off the track at over 100 is a solid convincer not to do that in the land of cross streets, dogs, curbs, and trees
  14. BillK

    Bjorn Nyland's Geilo (Norway) Winter Performance Test

    Wait. The US version doesn't have the heated windshield? Can anyone confirm this?
  15. BillK

    Texas Winter Weather

    We had, you may have heard, power issues. I have seen the usual suspects whining that having lots of EVs would only make our power situation worse. I use TXU and charge my Chevy Volt (waiting for my MME) at night when my plan offers kiloWatt hours for free to soak up their excess capacity on...
  16. BillK

    Calculated average days between Order to Build, Order to Delivery, and Build to Delivery

    Just as Ford sorts out production and delivery issues we are likely to face component delays. The Taiwan chip shortage is a real thing. It mostly impacts Tier 1 suppliers who build electronic subassemblies for the OEMs. Manufacturers like Ford have little visibility or control of this parts...
  17. BillK

    Mach-E First Edition - First Impressions on 300 mile road trip.

    People interested in cold weather charging need to watch Bjorn Nyland's MME video posted today. He found buried in the manual that running climate control in the cabin while charging at low temperatures (he's in Norway) cuts heat that would otherwise go to the battery to improve the charge rate...
  18. BillK

    4.1 Miles/KWH achieved in Mach-E on 266 mile trip!

    Same here. Always drove fast but when I started doing motorcycle track days no cars felt "fast". Sold my Subaru STi and bought a used tired '11 LEAF. Surprisingly the same track day skills (looking ahead and planning, maintaining momentum, throttle control, obsessing on tire pressure) paid...
  19. BillK

    Noise Level (dBA Decibels) in Mach-E Interior With Comparison to Model Y

    This is legitimately something to think about. Last year I bought a Zero electric motorcycle that is quite powerful. On a road I often travel I was riding with moderate enthusiasm but slowed well down to a very safe speed as I approached the place that often has a speed trap. The officer was...
  20. BillK

    Alex on Autos: Mach-E range test - can it go 270 miles?

    I've been driving electric for years and long ago learned to dress for the weather, using heated seats and gloves or heated steering wheel and minimum cabin heat. It's really not a big deal to make the adjustment. Precondition the cabin while plugged it and run the defroster as needed. In gas...