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  1. High-pitched "Electrical Whine"

    I could also imagine some serious civil liability

    I've seen Cyber Orange in person, and it looks fantastic. I think this photo represents the color accurately. It's definitely more of a deeper orange than some of the recent Mustang oranges.
  3. Ford giving Mach-E owners additional 250kWh complimentary DC charging - total 500kWh

    I got the email with the additional 250 kWh at 4:54 am this morning, even though my car has been delivered to my dealer. I won't look this gift horse in the mouth!
  4. Help with Ford Options Pricing

    The dealer quote is showing customer cash of $3500, whereas the website includes your $500 deposit + a $4100 down payment
  5. Anyone underwhelmed by B&O system...

    Satellite radio has sounded like garbage in every car audio system I've listened to, and I've listened to some pretty high-end ones.
  6. Ford Options is a a cluster...

    There is actually a shortage of used cars in the market right now
  7. Leasing

    If you follow the link that hybrid2bev shared, that thread has an Excel payment calculation sheet. you can work up estimated payments there.
  8. Recirculating air turning off

    I wouldn't be surprised if MME's for Europe or China get carbon filters
  9. Recirculating air turning off

    the MME's software is definitely going to use recirc as much as possible, since it reduces a/c load and thus power consumption by the a/c compressor
  10. Difficult Test drive experience

    I don't know about the laws in Canada, but in most U.S states the dealer lobbies have gotten state legislatures to pass laws that are very protective of their business model and that bar OEMs from direct sales to consumers. Funny how franchised dealers scream about their business model being...
  11. Recirculating air turning off

    In that case, if you manually select the air distribution and select recirc, it should stay there most of the time. But I believe the MME has a humidity sensor up by the rearview mirror that could trigger a flip into fresh air temporarily, if it's sensing windshield fogging. Some vehicles have...
  12. Recirculating air turning off

    If your goal is to minimize power consumption from the climate control system by running in recirc, setting the climate control system to automatic will maximize recirc mode usage
  13. Recirculating air turning off

    Not sure how long you were in recirc, before it automatically flipped to fresh. But most Fords have a strategy to flip into recirc every x minutes to purge the cabin, since CO2 can build up in the cabin, if you stay in recirc too long.
  14. AWD Motor whine

    Don't do it! Ignorance can be bliss!
  15. Mobile charger cable too short

    I've been using an extension cord to a 115V outlet with my Fusion Energi's mobile charger and haven't experienced any issues. Not sure how the current draw of the MME on 115V compares to the Fusion Energi, though.
  16. AWD Motor whine

    In addition to noise from the electric motors, there are going to be noises from the power electronics
  17. Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    I would think they would be starting pre-production builds of GTs.
  18. Ford CEO Jim Farley Calls For More U.S. EV Battery Production

    I wonder if Chris ever gave his cousin Jim a motivational speech .... something about living in a van down by a river
  19. Ford CEO Jim Farley Calls For More U.S. EV Battery Production

    I imagine Farley also has the microchip shortages in mind and wants to spur investment in domestic battery production
  20. seat & steering wheel heaters - not included in base Select FYI

    Unfortunate that the OP is dissatisfied with the seat material, but Ford has used ActiveX on other vehicles for a few years.