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  1. noflipping

    "L" is genius!

    I use "ENGAGE" 99% of time with 1PD. At first, my wife had same reaction. But after a day or two of practicing with it she can't even tell I'm using it. The trick is not to take your foot off the pedal until you're close to wanting to stop. There is no "coast" in 1PD, but you can really dial in...
  2. noflipping

    Good bye, range anxiety!

    Interestingly, I was just in the driveway poking the various settings - car on, no heat, and the range started going up! It's about 45 here today, so I figure the GOM is recalibrating based the warmer temps. Kind cool.
  3. noflipping

    Good bye, range anxiety!

    FIrst, I have to thanks everyone on the forum for helping get me through the long, dark wait for my Premium EX AWD. Couldn't have done it without you and all the superb insights. With respect to the title of my post, I have to preface it with the notion that I've been driving a 2014 Ford Focus...
  4. noflipping

    I'm going to pick up my MME tomorrow

    NIce! Picking mine up today as well!!!
  5. noflipping

    Rumor: Mini-Mustang-Mach-E will arrive for European market in 2023

    Looks like a cooler version of my (soon to be gone) Focus Electric.
  6. noflipping

    Mach-E Owners Registry & Stats [Enter Yours]!

    Nice car! Congrats!!! Is this the one from Dean Sellers? I heard they had a cancellation (still waiting on mine).
  7. noflipping

    First Edition at Dealer and available (SE MICHIGAN)...

    I was told it's been sold. Pretty quickly, too. But post was from a couple weeks ago.
  8. noflipping

    Deep Sleep Mode - 12v battery drained dead [update: Mach-E jump started]

    Can you use the port in front to open the hood and jump it?
  9. noflipping

    SOLVED Can’t charge at home

    I'd think with the mobile charger you just plug it in and charge? No app required.
  10. noflipping

    SOLVED Can’t charge at home

    Can't you add your "Home" as a location? I don't think you need to charge first to do that.
  11. noflipping

    SOLVED Can’t charge at home

    Misread. You're trying 120V charge? Looks like it thinks there's a schedule (even if manual) and is PAUSED?
  12. noflipping

    SOLVED Can’t charge at home

    Try resetting home charger. If no switch, breaker on/off.
  13. noflipping

    [4th Update...Kinda] Wind noise from panoramic roof

    Almost looks like the windshield is set too low/pushed in too deep. The roof glass seems to match the body height, so less likely it's the problem?
  14. noflipping

    Shipped Mach-Es Arrive at Kansas City Terminal With Deliveries Imminent

    Same with me. Dealer mentioned they hoped to ship yesterday. Said it was "a full load." Hopefully they're not all over the place in MI and are bound for SE only. So far, "actual additional delay" is about a week. Was supposed to be here the 9th. Now the 15th.ish.
  15. noflipping

    extended warranty??...worth it??

    Sounds expensive. Check out for another quote. You can buy it from anyone, btw. I'm not even sure what will break. I've had a Focus Electric for 6 years and nothing has broken outside the 3/36 (even though they gave me a 6/100 policy for free - long story).
  16. noflipping

    FSA Field Service Action No. 21B02 (Recall?) -- "Software Calibration Update"

    Totally get the the frustration. I've got faith in the car, but I'm a fan of my dealer.
  17. noflipping

    FSA Field Service Action No. 21B02 (Recall?) -- "Software Calibration Update"

    "...This will be an early demonstration of the Ford system’s bumper-to-bumper update capability to wirelessly update nearly all vehicle computer models..." Guessing this might fall outside those able?
  18. noflipping

    My obligatory "its here" thread - Route 1

    BIG CONGRATS! Yours beat mine here (dammit) but hoping to see mine in next couple days. Looking forward to more reviews/notes.
  19. noflipping

    SSM 49457 Various SYNC 4 System Concerns

    My Sync 2 has actually been bulletproof. Rebooted itself like 4 times in the last 6 years. Never had another issue.