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  1. stmache

    It Happened Again

    You all re-call what happened to Blue Max back in 2021? (Follow the Link) Well, last night, as I was driving home, a big old RAM 1500 Pickup driver decided to pull right out in front of me on a highway while I was doing about 50mph. I had two choices: I could T-Bone him into his unoccupied...
  2. stmache

    Drive Electric Earth Day CNY Electric Vehicle Earth Day Event Cazenovia, NY Apr 22, 2023

    Drive Electric Earth Day CNY Electric Vehicle Earth Day Event Cazenovia, NY Apr 22, 2023 Day: Saturday, April 22, 2023 Time: 12:00 - 4:00 pm EDT Location: Cazenovia Memorial Park AKA Cannon Park 42 Albany Street Cazenovia, NY 13035 To register, click this link: Cazenovia DEED Event...
  3. stmache

    Syracuse Shelby Mustang Club Cruise In - June 11, 2023

    Calling all Upstate New York Ford Mustang Mach-E Owners. The Syracuse Shelby Mustang Club Cruise In will be held on Sunday, June 11, 2023 starting at 9AM. For a PDF of the event, click here: 44th All Ford Show/Cruise In 2023 Application Let us know here if you plan to attend. See you there!
  4. stmache

    Free Charging at EVolveNY DCFC Locations for July 4th Weekend

    Governor Hochul Announces Free Electric Vehicle Fast Charging at Evolve NY Sites for July 4 Weekend Time to cruise around the Empire State with free DCFC at EVolveNY only locations.
  5. stmache

    Annual All Ford Cruise In (Syracuse, NY)

    This is my local Ford club's annual Cruise In. Had to skip the last two years due to COVID and this year's location is new due to renovations happening in the usual place. This photo was from the last show back in 2019 so no Mach-e's back then. Would love to have a few Mach-e's attending this...
  6. stmache

    2022 CNY Electric Vehicle Earth Day Event

    The next National Electric Vehicle event in Central New York will be held at Cazenovia, New York on Saturday, April 23rd, from 12pm to 4pm which is open to the public. The CNY Electric Vehicle Earth Day Event is free to attend and will be held at Cazenovia College. Electric vehicle owners and...
  7. stmache

    Pony Graphic Want

    I sort of created something like this in a graphic program but this is a photo I got off one of the FB Mach-e pages which has it done perfectly: Now, any graphics vendors out there want to make the Pony graphic for me (don't need the lettering), in this color for my Infinite Blue Mach-e? Or...
  8. stmache

    Watkins Glen Green Grand Prix looking for Mach-e's

    I was contacted by one of the organizers of the Watkins Glen Green Grand Prix. They are looking for a few Ford Mustang Mach-E's to attend. Turns out the track has 9 RV NEMA 14-50 outlet posts for charging. The village of Watkins Glen has a few L2 chargers as do some nearby wineries. The...
  9. stmache

    Interesting PAAK Issues this week

    Twice this week, I've gotten in and got the Key Not Detected error come up. I knew something us up as I had to use the App to open the doors. Since I had the dealer software update back in August, PAAK has worked flawlessly. The only thing that has changed this week is I am now putting the...
  10. stmache

    My Turn -- Hit Debris on Interstate

    Driving home on the NY Thruway (Interstate 90) when a tractor trailer blew out a tire ahead of me in the right lane. However, I didn't see it happen and as people slowed down, a tire tread (like you see happen in NASCAR races but as tall as the Mach-e) rolled out between two cars. I angled to...
  11. stmache

    Calling all Upstate NY Mach-E Owners

    Announcing this here first in case any of you are interested in attending. I have yet to meet any Syracuse area owners myself. I have passed them on the roads so I know they are out there! There will be a coned off section in the Wegman's Parking Lot for just plug-in vehicles. This is always...
  12. stmache

    Meet a Ford Engineer Today

    At a car show I was at today in Utica, NY, a young guy walked up to me and presented a small Mach-E Pony Logo sticker and introduced himself as a Ford Engineer who works on the Mach-E team. After talking for a few minutes I found out he had his Mach-E out in the parking lot nearby. He had an...
  13. stmache

    Big Worm Graphix is looking for a Texas Mach-E Owner

    A company I have worked with for years on my 2017 Mustang Ecoboost Coupe (see example below) wants to supply products for the Mach-E. I heard from David Moderow of Big Worm Graphix that they need a Mach-E brought to their shop near Fort Worth, Texas to measure. I know some of you from Texas...
  14. stmache

    stMache - Blu Max

    Here is my Ford Mustang Mach-E Premium RWD with Extended Battery (Mach-E X) in Infinite Blue Metallic Tinted Clearcoat taken on Tuesday, May 4, 2021 at Koerner Ford of Syracuse on the day I proudly purchased it. Unlike other Mustang forums where owners list their Mustang's modifications in a...
  15. stmache

    EVolve-NY Charging Station Locations and Planned Locations

    EVolve-NY is slowly (as in government slow) building out DCFC along New York's Interstate corridors. You can check out the map here: They have so far put three encircling the Adirondacks with one planned for Lake Placid. A couple on the...
  16. stmache

    Ford to Expand Mach-E's Early Access Program For OTA Updates

    Looks like Q3 OTA for the Frunk release via screen, FordPass app and even the driver door keypad. FORD TO EXPAND THE MUSTANG MACH-E’S EARLY ACCESS PROGRAM – OTA SOFTWARE UPDATES April 21, 2021 With this push towards...
  17. stmache

    Is this a Dealer Trend for the Mach-E?

    I just did a search of New York State dealers within 100 miles of my zip code (upstate NY). Of the 50 or so cars found, only 1 was a Premium with an Extended Range Battery. I found one First Edition available. The rest were mostly AWD Selects with a few AWD Premiums with the Standard Range...
  18. stmache

    Electrify America Mach-E Charging Issues

    Question (and maybe there is a thread for this already), I know Electrify America got Mach-E's to test long before they were being sold to us. I really thought they would be ready. It seems every road trip Mach-E report/video has issues with the EA DC Fast Chargers charging stations. Is it the...
  19. stmache

    Mach-E's in New York

    If you get your Mach-E in New York, list it here! Mine is still months away so make me jealous!
  20. stmache

    Ford Email says a Virtual Event for Sync 4A Coming Soon

    Inside an email I received last week was this tibbit about a virtual event to show off the Sync 4A system. Summer technically doesn't end until September 22nd so this will happen within the next 5 to 6 weeks. Hopefully, the Ford teams will then be more informed about the FMME technology.