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  1. BalsaDust

    GM is following Ford's example - electric 4 door Camaro coming

    Check out, they will build you one to YOUR specs. I toured their facility last year and their work is top notch! Tony
  2. BalsaDust

    Would you pay for a Tesla NACS retrofit?

    I'm going to hold Farley to his word where he stated in the video "we're going to ship an adapter to everyone who bought a Ford EV" I have already downloaded the video just in case ;)
  3. BalsaDust

    Mach-E to gain access to Tesla Superchargers! Get standard NACS port starting 2025! [⚠️ ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS / SOCIAL / MUSK COMMENTARY]

    I doubt that the CCS will fade away into obscurity, Ford did not state they were definitely doing away with it and just look at all the other manufacturers that combined, will eventually outnumber Tesla vehicles on the road. Tony
  4. BalsaDust

    Mach-E to gain access to Tesla Superchargers! Get standard NACS port starting 2025! [⚠️ ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS / SOCIAL / MUSK COMMENTARY]

    This is looking like a great move for Ford! They are the first BEV auto maker to have access to the tesla system and most likely extending their share of the EV market. While I am not a fan of Teslas for several reasons which have no bearing on my thoughts about this news, the fact that...
  5. BalsaDust

    Mach-E to gain access to Tesla Superchargers! Get standard NACS port starting 2025! [⚠️ ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS / SOCIAL / MUSK COMMENTARY]

    For those of you unaware the Chinese market Mach-E's have a charge port on the left rear fender; Which would make sense for adding the NACS port at the rear and the standard port at the left front Tony
  6. BalsaDust

    Mach-E in NYC taking down illegal bakeries - Best use case?

    I sometimes wonder who actually listens and pays attention to these reports. It was initiated by the Sherriffs Department and the Office of Cannabis Management NOT the NYPD though the sherrifs dept does use NYPD vehicles. These stores were selling candies mimicking real products (note the...
  7. BalsaDust

    Your next EV

    Impossible to foresee the future but if things go like they are now, everything in the future will be subscription based! I plan on keeping my MME until either it or I expire and I look forward to having the longest lasting MME around. At my age there really isnt anything else I want but I have...
  8. BalsaDust

    Ford Quadruples BlueCruise Price to $800/yr for All Renewals

    Hopefully @Ford Motor Company will open their eyes and see that most people just don't want to pay the insane pricing they want. For me its simple, I will do without! I have tried it on a couple of occasions and just do not feel comfortable letting the car drive me around. Maybe I'm just an old...
  9. BalsaDust

    3 yrs of Bluecruise on window sticker?

    Pretty sure the online ordering system at the time (I ordered May 2021) had a breakdown of the Bluecruise pricing and for my car (Premium) it listed Bluecruise as a $600 charge and it was listed as a 3yr subscription but my sticker only lists Bluecruise as "Included at no extra charge" but the...
  10. BalsaDust

    3 yrs of Bluecruise on window sticker?

    The $1,900 you are seeing is for the Co-Pilot 360, the Blue cruise reuires that and yes it is a three year subscription and as @Mach-Lee mentioned above you can check them online. Tony
  11. BalsaDust

    Handling at top speed?

    First day I owned my MME cruised down I-95 in Delaware for a few miles at 111-112 (too busy watching the road) and I was passed by some girl in a Buick GN. My car felt well balance and rock steady but that poor Buick was litterally rockin' and rollin' as it passed me. Every new car I have ever...
  12. BalsaDust

    “Drive Mode not available”

    Well I thought I was in the clear, havent had the drive mode chage in quite a while but it finally happened this morning as I was bringing coffee to the sales manager at the Ford dealership. We spoke about a lot of things and I was surprised to hear that the biggest complaint they receive in...
  13. BalsaDust

    Who are the best dealers for MME service by region

    I am in N. Delaware and I have been dealing with Porter Ford for as long as I have lived here. I am on my fourth vehicle purchased through them and I highly recommend them. All you need to watch out for is the service writers, avoid the younger ones since they have no experience in selling...
  14. BalsaDust

    Who are the best dealers for MME service by region

    Unfortunately Ford doesn't own the dealerships so you would need to fully research a dealer yourself. Where I am there are three Ford dealers within a 15 minute drive, and I will only go to one because they have treated me fairly for the past 25+ years I have lived here in Delaware.
  15. BalsaDust

    Ford Dealer Service Experience 😵

    Maybe I'm one of the few lucky Ford owners that have never had a bad experience at the dealership. My MME has only been back for a L/S rear window replacement that arrived scratched and I had the service department apply the 22s41 update for the HVBJB recall at the same time. i was told I would...
  16. BalsaDust

    Coming up on one great year with my 2022 Mach-E

    It has been a great year with my Grabber Blue Mach-E! while I may not drive it much since I work two miles from home I have racked up just under 6k miles. I ordered a 2021 on May 31st which after waiting on dealer allocation, parts shortages, and the dreaded "chip shortage" it finally arrived...
  17. BalsaDust

    Somebody OK'd this?

    Started with several "homebuilt" computers in the early 70's from instructions in "Popular Electronics" which led to an Altair 8800 in 75' but that was really a dud until late 75' when the TRS80 was released and my father and I built it from a kit at the time. I learned Pascal and "C" from...
  18. BalsaDust

    Somebody OK'd this?

    looks good to me, rarely use it so I normally set it to calm screen or keep it in dark mode. Having dealt with computers for over 50 years (started in arpanet in 75')I have learned to accept what is given, at least until someone does it better.
  19. BalsaDust

    Turn Signal Volume Adjustable?

    If you think the MME is quiet, you should drive a new Leaf, its almost silent! Tony
  20. BalsaDust

    If not a Mach-E (or other EVs), what to buy today

    If I had to give up my MME for any reason the only logical replacement would be an Aston Martin DBX Yes I can afford it, but in reality I would just get another MME! at 1/3 the price;) I am a Ford owner and have driven Fords most of my life but that Aston Martin just looks awesome! Tony