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  1. Regularmache

    Women who own this car!!

    Remember when the Prius has 30 preprinted instruction cards for Valets to know how to drive!!! Three Prius before the MachE and we love it.
  2. Regularmache

    Trade in Value

    If used vehicle loans were still at 1.9% for 5 or 6 years the car would be affordable to more people. With used auto loans in the 7-10% rangel, the monthly payment removes a lot of potential buyers so prices have to move to make you for that.
  3. Regularmache

    Would you buy the Lightning because of the great MME experience.

    We did but a Lightning after our First Edition Mach E experience. Fantastic truck that is incredibly smooth and although the F150 is a great truck, the Lightning is leagues more refined. Just like our First MachE had new vehicle quirk's, Glass roof recall, Windshield recall, etc;, it still so...
  4. Regularmache

    04/04/22 Build Week Chat

    Well we only have 2600 miles on ours but it's absolutely exceeded expectations. The HVJB doesn't worry us as the experience at the service departments seem to be there should it happen. We love the color way more than we thought we would. Can even see purple in there.
  5. Regularmache

    After Two Years and 30,000 Miles... Long Term Owner Review

    Have had 5 Prius's and great cars, last one totaled with new Green Bean Battery just installed! Great cars, but would never trade my MachE and go back. That's why we bought a second MachE to go with our First Edition.
  6. Regularmache

    Poll: Have you gotten OTA 4.1.2 (the UI refresh)?

    First Edition owner, and now in a 6/22 GT PE and as I look back at the OTA updates, or Stuckdates I'm some cases, I see a steady improvement and this new UI is so much more intuitive. The overall trend since early 21 with Software is going in the right direction.
  7. Regularmache

    High-pitched "Electrical Whine" Your Mini is a worse noise maker than an EV. The difference is EVs propulsion system is so quiet you hear things that are otherwise drowned out my your ICE Engine and Mechanical drones. But still this may be...
  8. Regularmache

    From the Frying Pan to the Fire! New to EVs and EV Road Tripping... 1265 miles in a cold winter storm

    Grangers really got on the map with upfront pricing and no BS with their Bronco Res and Ordering honesty. A gentleman, who unexpectedly passed away since, took care of Bronco reservation holders, Zero surprises and their execution has been spot on with MachE, Maverick, and Lightning Res...
  9. Regularmache

    First round trip experience with BlueCruise

    We use Blue Cruise and the lite version, in town and traffic and it's great. I really don't get annoyed any more with traffic on my daily commute. The Lightnings Blue Cruise is just as helpful! Looove it! Great write up!
  10. Regularmache

    5/2/22 Build Week Gang

    So coming from a 2018 Mustang 5.0 Performance PKG 2, our MME GTPE ride is perfect. If I wanted a softer ride I would change tires. Going to a Pirelli would change the ride completely, but we would give up some handling. On our Second MME and absolutely wouldn't give it up.
  11. Regularmache

    mach e with custom mods, stickers, wheels, graphics, emblems anything - lets see some pics

    Like the Grille, back light bar applique would only work if you add a black spoiler to take your eye off the irregular shape formed above to the hatch line.
  12. Regularmache

    BestEvMod(AOSK) From Subtle to Aggressive, a comparison chart of our Mach E body kit

    How much does the GT roof spoiler weigh?
  13. Regularmache

    Battery Slider & knob controlled temperature and fan speed previewed in new Ford video!

    I love that the huge improvements are made and we spoiled owners just point out what we don't like. I love the direction.
  14. Regularmache

    JD Power: MME "Least Reliable New Car"

    Yep our first one didn't take it for the glass recalls let the dealer do that in trade. PAAk was off and on at first, no blue Cruise until month we sold it. Zero issues. Our 22 has 1700 trouble free miles and we would buy another in a minute.
  15. Regularmache

    JD Power: MME "Least Reliable New Car"

    Oh what a surprise, the Chinese Owned, JD Power ranks MachE least reliable car. When the Chinese Government purchased JD Power, all of their credibility went with it. (XIO never did reveal the source of it's "Private Equity". My own oppion matters and after a wonderful 14 months with our...
  16. Regularmache

    E-stang gets the thumbs down

    Yep, 85, 87, 89, 2018 all GTs, have no problem with the Pony Badge on our GTPE MachE. It is a free country, mostly, so if this were ever to happen to me I would feel bad for the free rent my car is getting in there head!
  17. Regularmache

    Family Resemblance - new ICE Mustangs (7th gen S650 platform)

    You wouldn't like the Militaries Newest Fighter Jet. My Kids think the Coupes awesome.