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  1. macchiaz-o

    Auto Door Locking

    The manual indicates they lock when speeds are greater than 12 mph. So your experiment was pretty close. BTW, you can hear the lock pins move in the doors when the autolock occurs. It's much quieter than on prior vehicles, but the sound is still there...
  2. macchiaz-o

    Would you pay $75/month or $800/year for BlueCruise hands free highway driving? This will be option for 2023 Mach-E

    Ford officially calls this the Ford Courtesy Transportation Program, FCTP. It's a dealer demonstration unit that customers are encouraged to take for test drives and even to borrow for up to a few days. Ford arranges it so that the dealer is incentivized to loan it out to customers (not dealer...
  3. macchiaz-o

    Mach-E to gain access to Tesla Superchargers! Get standard NACS port starting 2025! [⚠️ ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS / SOCIAL / MUSK COMMENTARY]

    My 2021 MME automatically opened its charge port on about five or six occasions. 😂
  4. macchiaz-o

    Ac issues since updates

    The symptoms you're describing match up with my summer experience since day 1 (March 2021). This probably won't be fixed. I just reduce the set temp way below what I actually want it to be when I am driving after the cabin's been heat soaked. If I drive at night, or head out from my garage in...
  5. macchiaz-o

    Stuck in PowerUp 4.2.3?

    Participate in this poll, and take a look at distribution of responses. My vehicle hasn't received any OTA updates since December 20.
  6. macchiaz-o

    Would you pay for a Tesla NACS retrofit?

    People like you and me will continue on as we've been doing for home charging. House power to EVSE to J1772 coupler to vehicle. Road trips may stay the same, too... You can still use the same, growing network of public charging networks that are available to you today. This week's announcement...
  7. macchiaz-o

    My crapty Toyota Corolla rental has BlueCruise

    It's a type of object some drivers employ when they're confident in their predictions about what their vehicles are going to do next, and that they're smarter than the automotive engineers who designed the machine for an attentive and actively in-control driver.
  8. macchiaz-o

    Drive mode confused on startup

    I've not seen this before... Weird bug! In your first video, you mention that it is briefly in Engage and then switches to Unbridle on the instrument cluster. From what I see, it's the opposite. You very briefly (half a second) see Unbridle, and then it switches to Engage. I have a 21 job 1...
  9. macchiaz-o

    【AOSK】June Monthly Sales on selected items! and giveaway. and New Product Alert

    I 🤍🤍 LOVE 🤍🤍 the name Jack Punk. You will get better search optimization if you also include Jack Puck in your sales listings. Jack Punk would be a great replacement name for AOSK should you have to go through this again.
  10. macchiaz-o

    Mach-E to gain access to Tesla Superchargers! Get standard NACS port starting 2025! [⚠️ ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS / SOCIAL / MUSK COMMENTARY]

    I believe the rear port in Chinese Mach-E's is AC only. Thinner wires, and they run to the AC DC converter. If Ford were to ship with two DC fast charge capable ports, it would require additional lengths of the thicker, heavier wiring. I personally don't think it's likely, even if Ford were to...
  11. macchiaz-o

    Bezel Diagnostics -- Who actually uses this?

    Intentionally arcane... For maximum fun, look up the steps required to enable and capture developer logs from Android Auto. 😂
  12. macchiaz-o

    Bezel Diagnostics -- Who actually uses this?

    Yep... Can't remember where I saw it (roughly 2 years ago) but starting from FM Radio is Ford's official recommendation, too. Remember to raise the volume back up once diagnostics begins loading. I've forgotten several times and then on my next drive, I'm wondering why I can't get the car to...
  13. macchiaz-o

    Start, lock, check battery status, and more, directly from your Android launcher! (Google Assistant, Google Home)

    Same here. Noticed last night when I asked Google to ask FordPass for my vehicle's charge status and it responded by asking me to clarify which contact I was trying to call. 😒
  14. macchiaz-o

    Bluecruise question

    All Premiums were built with the required hardware. OP has a GTPE, where it was sold as a factory option.
  15. macchiaz-o

    Ford reverses course, will keep AM radio on future models

    I remember Ron Heiser explaining that getting the shielding, antenna placement, and so on good enough for acceptable AM radio reception was a large engineering challenge. If true, a significant amount of non-recurring engineering cost went into getting this working... That's a sunk cost now...
  16. macchiaz-o

    Decisions on Windshield Replacement

    When I had Safelite replace my windshield, I asked about this... I was told that insurance will let them replace with OEM glass if I request it, and as long as the model year is from last year or the current year. I had the glass replaced at the end of 2022 so my 2021 qualified, but barely. I...
  17. macchiaz-o

    Blank screen every morning

    Yeah I think before this recent string, I'd only seen this happen maybe once, ever?? I can't remember for sure. I did have a different issue though, where SYNC would just panic restart anywhere from 2-20 minutes into my drive. It mostly happened during the summer of 2022, and maybe a bit in...
  18. macchiaz-o

    Blank screen every morning

    I started keeping a log. Sounds like you two have a lot more occurrences than me: Date Drive event What was on screen Recovery roughly 4/25/2023 leaving work frozen UI restart via steering wheel 4/29 first drive of day all black restart via steering wheel 5/1 first drive of day all...
  19. macchiaz-o

    Bluecruise question

    You primarily paid for a hardware upgrade. If your window sticker excluded that option, then you would be missing some of the hardware required to make Blue Cruise Hands Free driving work, such as the driver monitoring camera, for instance. Included in your hardware upgrade is a limited term (3...