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  1. Ford Playing Number Games? Help us understand the price shuffle.... Has Anyone ACTUALLY seen what is being done?

    I guess I'm confused why you are so shocked, they run a business of making money just like a car dealership does. They were already losing money on old pricing and basically are forced to lower prices again so they have to start with removing the features that are easy to do and not totally...
  2. I'd Like Some Opinions - Keep My Current Order or Cancel and Order a 2023.5?

    Yeah keep your order there is no way they would keep the same price for it, it just wouldn't sell.. plus the NCA battery will be way better than LFP for the cold Minnesota weather
  3. Received goodwill check, but no FordPass points

    The bottom portion of the goodwill email says the points will be deposited when the check is issued to be sent, so with that logic you should have them. I'd call them up and they will get you to the right group of people to hopefully see what's up
  4. Received goodwill check, but no FordPass points

    Should have been deposited already, more than likely if you used a different email etc could be an issue so I’d contact customer service
  5. Used premium price too good to be true?

    Doesn’t really seem like a good deal especially since it has 2 accidents. I’d keep searching especially since you’d have to ship it.
  6. Dealership not going to hold my Mach e after it arrived almost two weeks early

    i honestly doubt they can even sell a gtpe in 2 weeks so you might be good
  7. Tesla Slashes Prices

    Should judge about the quality of features not quantity. Poor charging curve, laggy infotainment and inefficient motors for a car that costs more is kind of embarrassing lol
  8. Check your reward points if you are expecting a refund just got mine.

    Anyone know the best route to maximize cashing these out?
  9. Tesla Slashes Prices

    Jim is smelling the smoke
  10. Tesla Slashes Prices

    So we're just going to ignore Challenger and Columbia?
  11. Tesla Slashes Prices

    With them just upgrading the factory for more production they almost certainly will. Only people buying an extend prem over a MYLR now are going to be Tesla haters that make poor financial decisions
  12. Tesla Slashes Prices

    Tesla has slashed prices yet again
  13. New and seeking advice!

    I'd wait a couple more months if you're not in a rush, wouldn't be surprised to see more price cuts coming from ford tanking the used market further more
  14. Reddit: MME -> TMY - Not impressed

    The funny part is the reddit OP can't switch cars because he relies on the tech from tesla lol.
  15. Ford sticking with Apple CarPlay

    It's a short term play to stay with carplay. The car industry will be heavily software focused when the full transition to EV's eventually happens since there really isn't much mechanical separation that cars have now. Not setting up a solid software foundation and team now and relying on...