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  1. JamieGeek

    Which charger would you buy today?

    I'd go with a ClipperCreek. They've been around since the dawn of J1772 and the one I've had for quite some time now (going on 9 years now?) has been 100% reliable inside, outside, all kinds of weather.
  2. JamieGeek

    Had a Cartoon of my car made.

    Yeah you need T-Shirts made of it. Black ones.
  3. JamieGeek

    Recommendation for a good NEMA 14-50 extension cord

    Nope, its been discontinued (I purchased it years ago)--got my Focus Electric 10 years ago now. There are newer similar ones available on Amazon (just search for J1772 extension cord).
  4. JamieGeek

    Mach-E to gain access to Tesla Superchargers! Get standard NACS port starting 2025! [⚠️ ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS / SOCIAL / MUSK COMMENTARY]

    Yup they didn't mention dropping it. And you're a little late to the party:
  5. JamieGeek

    BEV Lawn Mowers, I am going back to ICE!

    I've had a battery mower now for 10 years. Both of mine have been Ryobi mowers. The first one I had used a lead acid battery--yup! It was 48V and 100 lbs*. That one worked great until I was tired of lugging it around (went through a couple of batteries on it). My current one is a 40V job (this...
  6. JamieGeek

    Just what “Preconditions” Are Missing?

    LOL I hear ya: The "Update Now" button worked for me with both of these latest updates.
  7. JamieGeek

    Just what “Preconditions” Are Missing?

    I had that issue with one of the early updates. Its very frustrating when the car/Ford doesn't tell you what it wants/need to be set. After a few hours of trying to get it to update I set the time to early AM (like 4 or 5 am) plugged it in and went to bed. That update was successful in the...
  8. JamieGeek

    NEW UPDATE ALERT!!! Ford Power-Up: Improved DC Fast Charging

    I'm in EA and got 4.2.6 and then immediately got this one. First time I've ever seen back 2 back OTA's. Surprising.
  9. JamieGeek

    EV's as rental cars

    Typically when I/we go on vacation I try to rent something that I might want to own in the future (or something fun--it is vacation after all. Don't ask about the time we rented a Mustang Convertible and I found out my driver's license had expired--when picking up the car.) To that end, back in...
  10. JamieGeek

    Your next EV

    My choice has nothing to do with BC as the only car I've ever driven with it has been the Mach-E and I lived a pretty happy life before BC existed so I think I'll be just fine if the next one doesn't have it (or Supercruise or FSD for that matter). Our requirement (as I keep harping on LOL) is...
  11. JamieGeek

    What is your definition of a "Road Trip?"

    I've done about 1000 mile in 20 hours straight by myself (ah yeah youth). I consider a road trip to be going anywhere outside of our "normal" driving routines. Going to the grocery store not a road trip. Driving an hour to another town to grab dinner and come back that is a road trip. You can...
  12. JamieGeek

    Ford E-Transit gets 186-mile option starting May 11, vanlifers rejoice

    LOL Well I don't think Van Lifers will rejoice that much. 186 miles isn't a whole lot... Sure its about double the old range of the Transit but nothing like what they expect.
  13. JamieGeek

    Mach-E Aftermarket Modified Simulated Sounds -- Exhaust? Airplane? UFO? What's your thought?

    To be fair: Nobody is longing for the roar of the 4-cylinder in the ICE Focus ;) If the Mach-E was called an Escape instead of a Mustang this would be a moot point.
  14. JamieGeek

    Mach-E Aftermarket Modified Simulated Sounds -- Exhaust? Airplane? UFO? What's your thought?

    The Focus Electric was created/released before the pedestrian alert law existed. As a consequence it was totally silent (except for when the aquarium vacuum pump was running). I loved that, complete silence. Driving around with the windows open and not a sound (yes, of course, there was tire...
  15. JamieGeek

    Mach-E Aftermarket Modified Simulated Sounds -- Exhaust? Airplane? UFO? What's your thought?

    Of course if you're going to that length: Instead of putting all that together simply mount a bluetooth speaker back there (and disable the one that already exists). Then you can just play sounds with your phone. As a bonus, if you are up to writing some software, you could also connect up an...
  16. JamieGeek

    Smart EVSE vs FordPass - What Do You Use For Scheduled Charging?

    All I have are simple EVSE's and I've always used the in-car charging schedule. It has worked 99.9% of the time and has never been an issue.
  17. JamieGeek

    Mach-E Aftermarket Modified Simulated Sounds -- Exhaust? Airplane? UFO? What's your thought?

    Needs to be able to plug into a laptop (USB port, or pop out an SD card) so you can change the sounds to whatever you want. Perhaps ten: Just put ten files on the SD car 0.wav through 9.wav or something. Then it could be selectable. Here ya go $20, just add an amp...
  18. JamieGeek

    Job 1 Cars receiving OTA's?

    Lots of threads on this and lots of '21s getting OTAs. My '21 just got the 4.2.5 update yesterday.
  19. JamieGeek

    Anyone else's MME just double ding them for no reason?

    On the map display there is a little tool button at bottom left you can touch and then find settings. You can turn off a lot of that from there.
  20. JamieGeek

    Does The Charging Schedule Ever Work?

    Are you plugging into 120V or 240V? Basically if your schedule isn't long enough to charge to the level you have programmed it will ignore it. Schedule works 99% of the time for me.